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Pros / It supports social media activity monitoring.

Cons / Surfie doesn’t offer any direct support for its program.

 Verdict / Surfie would have ranked much higher on our top 10 list if it offered any support channels beyond email and the online user guide.

Editor's Note: This information was taken directly from the manufacturer's website.

PureSight Technologies Ltd. was established in 1998 with the mission of providing a safe online environment for the world’s children. We aim to help parents protect their children in this world of technology by becoming involved in their online lives. We believe this involves education and information as well as software tools.

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PureSight Multi - the company's flagship product
The company’s flagship product, PureSight Multi, enables parents to completely protect their children from cyberbullies, Internet predators and unsolicited adult-oriented web sites, on both PCs and mobile devices. Developed over the last ten years by content experts and psychology communication experts, our tools are based on two best of class and proprietary technologies: ACI and ACR.
The ACI (Active Chat Inspector) identifies and blocks undesirable contacts and potentially harmful discussions originating from cyberbullies.

The ACR (Active Content Recognition) dynamically classifies and blocks undesirable web sites.
These two technologies position PureSight as a category leader with the most effective tools to protect children online and help parents with active online parenting.

PureSight - a global company
Our products are distributed directly to parents, via ISPs, Mobile Operators, OEMs, and distributors, creating a total user base of millions of users world-wide. More than 15,000,000 children in 32 countries around the world are protected by our solutions.

The PureSight credo
Vision: Parents will create a safe online environment for their children
Mission: To protect the world’s children online
Objective: To be a leader in online child safety
Goal: Develop total online child safety tools that will be based on:
Any content format: text, images and videos.
Any medium: websites, chats on instant messaging programs, social networks and forums; SMS’s and MMS’s; as well as email.
Any device: desktops or notebooks, cell phones, servers, gaming consoles, routers and televisions.
Our team includes leading psychology communication experts, content specialists and software engineers.

Surfie by Pure Site Visit Site