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Trend Micro Internet Security Review

PROS / Trend Micro Internet Security includes ransomware protection.

CONS / This particular suite does not have a password manager.

 VERDICT / The Trend Micro Internet Security suite has excellent features and is well designed.

Trend Micro Internet Security is a top computer protection suite, receiving high marks in independent lab tests. It quickly detects threats and includes many safety features, making it one of the best internet security software suites we reviewed.

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The AV-Test lab, a respected independent software tester, conducted tests continuously during March and April of 2016 on 22 internet security software suites, including Trend Micro. In those tests, Trend Micro established itself among the best internet protection software by detecting 100 percent of both existing and new malware threats. It was also perfect in differentiating between good and bad content and allowing all good files through, whereas the industry standard is three false positives in this test.

  1. Windows 10 protection test results from AV-Test, April 2016
    Higher is Better.
  2. 4 Trend Micro
  3. 100%
  4. 100%
  5. 100%
  6. Category Average

In addition to protection and usability, AV-Test tested how much of a toll Trend Micro takes on your computer system resources while you search the web, use applications and copy files. Trend Micro scored average for both standard and high-end PCs, causing the normal level of lag time, which is only about two seconds.

Internet security suites have more features than basic antivirus software, though they have the same level of internet protection. Trend Micro Internet Security includes antimalware and is one of only a few computer protection programs that detects ransomware, the latest malware threat that holds your computer hostage, making it impossible for you to access files and programs until you pay the creator a fee.

Another feature of Trend Micro is parental controls that allow you to limit your children's access to websites you deem inappropriate. You also control which desktop apps your children can use. Another protective feature scans privacy settings on Facebook, Twitter and other social media to uncover vulnerabilities.

Even though Trend Micro contains extra security features to qualify as a powerful internet security suite, it does lack a few notable tools. One missing feature is a rescue CD that would allow you to reboot and re-establish your computer system in the event of a violent internet attack. It also lacks a password manager to keep your passwords safe from hackers if they access your computer. Trend Micro does have other programs that include a password manager, though these cost more than the internet security suite.

Trend Micro Premium Security Suite

Trend Micro Premium Security offers additional security that basic antiviruses and internet security suites can't provide on their own. However, even with great features available, it lacks just enough to keep it out of the top three for premium security suites. One advantage of Trend Micro Premium Security is that it includes licensing for up to five devices, including mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets.

Trend Micro includes both a file shredder and a password manager to further secure your system while you browse online. The password manager is handy in keeping your passcodes safe in the event your system is hacked and identity thieves look for your passwords to online bank accounts and email. The file shredder lets you permanently remove files from your computer that you don't ever want recovered. This includes any malware threats that are blocked and isolated on your machine. The file shredder deletes these contaminated files so there is no chance of them resurfacing to harm your computer.

Trend Micro offers good personal support if you ever need one-on-one assistance. Unfortunately, unlike our top-ranked product, Trend Micro limits its telephone support to standard business hours. It has limited weekend support and live chat available in the event you need to speak with a representative outside of business hours.

For help outside of live support hours, Trend Micro has several FAQs pages that address many of the common issues. It also has a lot of material in the form of a blog, articles and webinars to help you better understand internet security threats and how to protect yourself against them.


Trend Micro Internet Security ranks high in our internet security reviews as well as with independent antivirus testing facilities. Its ability to detect all sorts of malware from multiple attack vectors is exceptional. Its draw on your system resources is about average for computer protection programs, and it includes extra tools for protecting your family from other threats, including parental controls and social media scanning.

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