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Norman Antivirus for Mac Review

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PROS / Norman matches the top products at Mac malware detection.

CONS / Support is not available 24/7.

 VERDICT / Norman Antivirus for Mac is one of the very best Mac malware detectors and it doesn’t slow down your computer.

Norman Antivirus for Mac does not rank as highly as some Mac security products because it lacks a few of the extra features of some competitors. But when it comes to the things that truly matter, Norman is great. What truly matters is detecting Mac malware effectively. Norman does that. After participating with 17 other Mac security products at tests performed by the AV-Test software lab (September 2014), Norman Antivirus for Mac turned in a 100 percent malware detection rate. Only four out of the 18 participants matched Norman’s result.

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In the first part of the malware detection test, the lab exposed Norman to 117 malware samples. It detected all of them during its normal on-demand scanning routine. The second part of the test used Norman’s background virus checking mode while copying 84 infected files from one folder to another. Here again it found all of them without slowing down its host computer enough to notice.

  1. Test results from AV-Test, August 2014
    Higher is Better
  2. 7 Norman Antivirus
  3. 98.3%
  4. 100%
  5. 99.1%
  6. Category Average

Macs have built-in security against malware, and there is less Mac malware out there than Windows malware. Nevertheless, there are successful malware attacks every now and then that take down hundreds of thousands of Macs. Therefore internet security for Mac is a basic measure to enhance safety. Perhaps more important, though, is antiphishing. Phishing tricks you into revealing your personal identity. People are easier task to trick than operating systems. So it is a good thing that Norman includes antiphishing. Norman knows which sites are phishing sites and lets you know if you try to go to one. This Mac security software also scans removable media that you plug into your Mac, since that is another malware attack point.

Norman does not scan email and messages for threats as some of its competitors do. It doesn’t go after Windows viruses either. There is no proprietary firewall. However, the Mac firewall is just fine and Norman works with it. It does not include parental controls, but then few in this product category do.

Support is by email or telephone. Access is available less than 24/7. You cannot reach Norman via live chat.


Norman’s Mac security detects Mac malware efficiently without taxing the host computer. There are not as many features as some of its competitors, however. Help and support access is restricted to email and telephone. Norman has performed well in industry tests and you can count on it for protection.

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