Pros / The app is nearly 100 percent effective at mitigating spam and bulk email.

Cons / Unknown senders must verify themselves on the manufacturer's website.

 Verdict / This program does an excellent job controlling spam using a permission-based method.

Founded in 1999, privately held DigiPortal Software is the manufacturer of the spam filter software ChoiceMail One. The spam blocker is the company's flagship product.

ChoiceMail One's installation is straightforward. The spam blocker is reliable and does not drain other vital system resources. The spam filter software has preconfigured settings that commence working the moment the spam blocker is loaded into the computer's operating system. The removal of the spam filter software is easy to perform.

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ChoiceMail One implements a multi-faceted approach for the blocking and filtering of spam email. By the scanning of a user's current contact list and email folders the spam filter software creates a white list of allowed senders. The creation of a blacklist occurs more slowly. Upon the receipt of an unwanted or bulk email, the user adds the sender's email address, IP address or even domain to the spam blocker's blacklist.

Emails that come from unknown senders are stored in the spam filter software's designated quarantine folder. Further, the spam blocker can send an auto-response to the unknown sender that contains a challenge/response message.

The challenge/response message is the main weapon of ChoiceMail One's spam blocker arsenal. The recipient of the auto-response receives instructions to visit the ChoiceMail One Website. Once there, the recipient of the auto-response must list the reason for the email correspondence as well as provide his or her name. The ChoiceMail One user receives the collected data and decides to allow or block the sender of the communication.

Ultimately, the spam filter software's overall method considers all incoming email spam until the user designates the message otherwise. The spam blocker comes equipped with a zero tolerance policy for spam and unwanted email messages.

The spam blocker is almost 100 percent effective at blocking and filtering spam and bulk email. However, this permission-based method may contain one serious drawback. Some users may be reluctant to disclose their personal information to a third-party website. The failure to provide ChoiceMail One's requested information effectively thwarts the sender's attempt to contact the ChoiceMail One user.


The spam filter software is successful at protecting the user from Phishing attacks, viruses, worms, keyloggers and other forms of malware. However, this protection may come at a high cost. Known senders could unintentionally attach an infected file. The spam filter software has no ability to filter out or block email attachments. Perhaps, in future version releases, the manufacturer will include attached file filtering and blocking.


ChoiceMail One comes equipped with a set of built-in rules. Moreover, the spam blocker allows the user to create customized rules. Rules can be based on a variety of a parameters that include the To, From, Subject, CC and other email fields. The spam filter software allows a user to define under what conditions the spam blocker generates an auto-response that contains a sender challenge message.  


ChoiceMail One supports any standard POP3 email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Thunderbird and others. The spam filter software also supports web-based email services such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and others.


ChoiceMail One is effective permission-based spam filter software. However, some consider the challenge/response an ineffective tool because some senders will hesitate to provide the requested information. When compared to other spam filter software, this spam blocker is not a robust tool as spam blockers that implement Bayesian spam filters or community-based filtering.

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