Pros / The app accurately identifies spam email.

Cons / The spam filter software only works with Microsoft Outlook.

 Verdict / The app successfully keeps a user's inbox free of unwanted email.

The Florida-based Sunbelt Software provides advanced security solutions for the enterprise and home user. The spam filter software iHateSpam is one of the company's products.

GFI Software has recently announced their acquisition of Sunbelt Software. GFI Software plans to integrate all of Sunbelt Software's products into their portfolio. GFI Software has several offices in the USA and around the world. Perhaps, the company will release a version upgrade of iHateSpam at some point in the near future. Until then, the spam filter software remains available for purchase on the Sunbelt Software website and support offerings are intact.

The spam filter software installs with ease. A systematic guide walks the user through the spam blocker's setup and configuration process. Some users report difficulty setting up the spam filter software. However, in testing, iHateSpam installed with no difficulty and performed in a stable manner.

The spam filter software's interface consists of the installation of a Microsoft Outlook toolbar that has several buttons to assist the user in managing all incoming email messages. Once successfully loaded, the spam filter software automatically analyzes incoming email to determine if they contain unwanted spam messages. iHateSpam, the spam filter software, quarantines suspicious email and saves them for the user's review.

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iHateSpam implements a community-based spam filtering methodology. The community database contains the spam experiences of thousands of people and tens of billions of messages. Every time the spam filtering software blocks a message, it transmits data about the unwanted communication to the community-based online database. This information can include server of origin, IP addresses, the sender’s email address, header information and more.


The spam filter software protects the user from a wide range of email troubles. In addition to preventing spam email messages and unwanted bulk email, the spam blocker also protects the user from Phishing attacks. In a Phishing attack, the spammer creates an email that contains one or more links to a fraudulent website. The deceptive website is a counterfeit representation of another genuine online entity.

Phishing websites commonly masquerade themselves as a legitimate banking website, social networking website and more. The purpose of a phishing attack is to fool the unsuspecting user into entering their username, password or other sensitive personal information into the counterfeit website. Upon doing so, the user releases their financial records, personal information, account login information and more. The spam filter software also protects the user from email-borne viruses, worms, keyloggers and malicious files sent via email.


The spam filter software comes equipped with several rule customization options. The spam blocker allows a user to manually block or unblock any message. The spam filter software integrates well with Microsoft Outlook's own junk mail handling capabilities.

The spam blocker's Friends List feature automatically trusts all received email from the user's Contact Folder. This ensures that the user receives all email from known senders. Moreover, the spam filter software allows the user to add entire domains to their Friends List.


According to the manufacturer website, the spam filter software, iHateSpam, only works with Microsoft Outlook. The spam blocker has no support for Microsoft Outlook Express. Further, the spam filter software is incompatible with other POP3 email clients such as Thunderbird. Also omitted are the spam filter software's support for Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, IMAP and other types of web-based email services. Perhaps, if GFI Software continues to develop the spam blocker software, the company will add support for these missing email clients and webmail services.


iHateSpam is a community-based spam filter software technology. The spam blocker effectively blocks instances of unwanted spam and bulk email messages.

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