Pros / The application is a simple and reliable junk email solution.

Cons / The last version upgrade of the app took place several years ago.

 Verdict / More robust and current applications are available.

Editor’s Note: This product has been discontinued and removed from our lineup because it is no longer available. You can see our current lineup of the Best Spam Filters here.

South Carolina-based Contact Plus develops multiple applications targeted towards home and business users. Spam Buster, a spam filter software, is one of the company's products. The spam blocking application helps to reduce the amount of junk email a user must wade through each time they open their email client.

The spam filter software installs easily and is fast to setup. Even beginning computer users will have no difficulty installing the spam blocker application on their computer. Spam Buster works independently and does not integrate with the user's email client. The spam filter software checks all received email on the remote email server before it reaches the user's computer and email client. Once identified as spam, the spam filter software deletes the unwanted email from the remote server. The user's email client never downloads the unwanted email.

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Spam Buster comes equipped with many filtering and blocking capabilities. A pre-populated black list can stop spam that comes from known spammers. Users can block email addresses originating from a designated IP addresses, servers and email addresses. The spam blocker generates a log of spam statistics that users can quickly review.

The spam filter software lacks several features commonly found in other spam blocker applications. These omitted features include a Bayesian filter, image blocking, sensitivity settings, attachment filtering, quarantine filtering, country code filtering and blocking via a Public Blacklist.

Spam Buster has not received a version upgrade for several years. Its spam filter software features are dated. It is doubtful that the omitted features will be included in an upgrade of the spam filtering software any time soon.

Blocking & Filtering

Spam Blocker can protect multiple email accounts with a single installation of the spam filter software. The application can protect its users from phishing attacks. The app lacks the ability to quarantine attachments and other emails that appear as valid emails but actually contain embedded malware applications such as keyloggers, worms and Trojans.


Spam Buster comes equipped with multiple predefined rules. The spam filter software allows users to edit these rules and create new rules of their own. Based upon these rules, users can filter out unwanted emails and keep only those emails they desire to read. This spam blocker feature can help parents block email messages that contain pornography or other subject material that is not appropriate for children.

User Experience

Contact Plus, the manufacturer of Spam Buster states that the spam filter software is not compatible with web-based email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, MSN, Juno, CompuServe and other webmail services. The spam blocker application requires a POP3 email account to perform its spam blocker functions. Today, both Gmail and Yahoo have POP3 capabilities. Nonetheless, the spam filter software's supported email clients are Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Thunderbird and others. Spam Buster works in conjunction with the email client's built in spam blocker capabilities.


Spam Buster is a straightforward and dependable junk email solution with limited capabilities. The spam filter software has no webmail support. Several years have lapsed since the last update of the spam blocker occurred. Other spam filter applications are equipped with more current and greater spam blocking capabilities.

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