Pros / The application is highly customizable.

Cons / The app sometimes marks valid email as spam.

 Verdict / SpamEater Pro effectively blocks spam.

SpamEater Pro from Colorado-based High Mountain Software is reliable spam filter software. The spam blocker application performs its functions independent of the user's email client. The spam filter software detects spam and blocks it before it can contaminate the user's inbox.

The installation of the spam filtering software is straightforward and easy to perform. However, prior to installation, the removal of all existing spam from the user's email inbox must occur. Additionally, the spam filtering software does not automatically detect existing email settings and accounts. Users must know their incoming and outgoing email server settings, username and password.

Once installation is complete, users should perform an online update of the spam blocker software and its filters. In order for the spam filtering software to function properly, users must remember to keep their email client closed while it performs its spam blocker tasks.

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SpamEater Pro's filters approximately 90 percent of all received spam. The spam filter software draws from the resources of multiple online blacklists to make sure that no known spammer can send unwanted emails to a user's inbox. These multiple blacklists receive daily updates and are the object of aggressive maintenance.

The spam blocker application comes equipped with eight filtering categories. These categories are Message Subject, Message Body, Approved Senders, Blocked Senders, Message Header Fields, Proper Form, Blacklist, and Country Code.

Each of the above spam blocker categories, except approved and blocked senders, contains preset filters that users can customize to their own preferences. The customization of the spam filter software allows a user to specify the types of email and attachments they want to receive. Further, the spam blocker application allows a user to blacklist unwanted email senders while white listing their frequent contacts, family and friends.

One drawback of this otherwise fine spam filtering software is that occasionally the spam blocker can mismark valid email and label it as spam. Users must stay vigilant to make sure they receive all legitimate email and that valid email is not marked as spam email.


SpamEater Pro references numerous internet blacklists. These blacklists contain the originating addresses of known email spammers. Because the spam filter software implements this lookup component, fewer spam email make it to the user's email inbox. However, despite this aggressive cross-referencing, the spam filter software has no native ability to prevent phishing attacks, identity theft, spyware, viruses or other forms of malware.


SpamEater Pro comes equipped with a built-in set of rules. The spam filter software gives the user the ability to customize these rules for their own particular needs. The spam blocker's customizable rule fields are Comments, Content-type, Delivered-to, From, and others. Users can set a filter to scan for specific content. Additional options exist for message handling after spam email identification occurs.


The spam filter software supports any of the standard POP3 email applications. Supported email clients are Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Mail and others. Supported web-based email services include Yahoo and Gmail. Both of these services allow users to download their mail via a POP3 email client. However, to obtain POP3 service the provider can charge a fee. Through the user of third party applications like Web2pop or IzyMail, SpamEater Pro can support AOL and other web-based solutions.


Overall, SpamEater Pro is reliable spam filter software. The app's spam blocker features can detect and eliminate span from the users email inbox.

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