Pros / The software even automatically imports your designated contact list creating an automatic whitelist.

Cons / It cannot stop the post office from delivering junk mail to your mailbox.

 Verdict / SPAMfighter is exceptionally simple to use and is definitely worth trying out.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

SPAMfighter Pro is our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winning pick for spam filter software. The spam blocker comes equipped with multiple features that set it apart from other antispam applications. SPAMfighter Pro's ease of use and user control is superior to our second place product Cloudmark DesktopOne Pro.

Although SPAMfighter Pro and Cloudmark DesktopOne Pro are similar, each handles the user's ability to manage and create black and white lists differently. In most instances, the spam blocker's whitelist consists of a user's known contacts such as family, friends, coworkers and other legitimate email addresses. The spam filter software always allows email messages from whitelisted senders. Alternately, the app always blocks email messages from spam senders entered into the spam blocker's blacklist.

Users of Cloudmark DesktopOne Pro can create their own whitelists. However, they are dependent on the spam filter software's community-based external blacklist. In contrast, SPAMfighter Pro's users can enhance the protection provided by the community blacklist through the creation of personal local exceptions.

The installation of the SPAMfighter Pro was simple and performed with no difficulty. Because of the spam blocker's simplicity, even beginning computer users will have no trouble with the spam filter software's installation. Once the installation is complete, the consumer must create a new user account to join the SPAMfighter Pro community. To join, users must provide a valid email address and password.

During testing of the spam filter software SPAMfighter Pro, we did not encounter any stability or performance issues. Moreover, the spam blocker did not slow down our email client or the computer system. SPAMfighter Pro ran almost unnoticeably in the background of the computer.

SPAMfighter Pro integrated seamlessly with our existing installation of Microsoft Outlook. The app automatically searched for the server settings of our email client. The found information included the incoming and outgoing SMPT server as well as the account username and password. More importantly, the spam filter software imported the list of safe email senders from the email client's contacts. This process added all of our approved email senders to the spam filter software's whitelist.

The spam blocker comes operational with a well-designed user interface that is a plug-in toolbar for Microsoft Outlook. The SPAMfighter Pro toolbar plug-in is intuitive to use and navigates with ease. In addition to the plug-in toolbar, the spam filter software added a SPAMfighter Pro folder to the installation of Microsoft Outlook.

Also included with the spam filter software's integrated toolbar is a statistics button. Once clicked, users can glean information about the instances of spam blocked on the local computer, within the SPAMfighter Pro's global community and overall communication statistics. This feature of the spam filter software informs the user about how much spam the app has prevented for both them and the entire SPAMfighter Pro community.

The removal of the spam filter software occurred without incident via the Windows Control Panel. Once removed, the Microsoft Outlook toolbar plug-in was gone and the email client reverted to its original functional status.

SPAMfighter Pro has multi-language capabilities. The spam filter software supports English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Japanese, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Thai, Turkish, and Danish.

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SPAMfighter Pro implements a community-based method of filtering spam. Over a million users belong to the spam blocker's online community. These users power and feed the spam blocker's online database. By accessing the spam filter software's integrated toolbar, users can report spam, phishing attacks and other unwanted email in real-time. Once several people have reported the same email sender or domain address as an unwanted sender, all future emails from the known spammer are blocked.

When an incoming email arrives, the spam filter software automatically evaluates the communication and attempts to identify if it came from a known spam sender. If so, SPAMfighter Pro moves the unwanted message from the user's inbox to the spam folder. There, users can review the email to verify that it is spam.

The manufacturer of SPAMfighter Pro boasts that the spam filter software is successful at blocking spam 95 percent of the time. In testing, the spam blocker's reliability was slightly under this figure but came close. However, the accuracy of the spam blocker is dependent upon current community input. The more accurate and up-to-date the community is, the more successful the spam blocker is at preventing unwanted spam email messages. Additional blocking capabilities of the spam filter software include filtering and blocking by IP address, server of origin and country of origin.

Blocking & Filtering

The internet is full of threats that can potentially compromise a user's sensitive personal information. Often, spam email and other wanted messages place the recipient in a precarious situation. Email attachments can contain keylogger applications that record every keyboard stroke a user makes. Once collected, the data is then secretly transmitted over the user's own internet connections to an eager cybercriminal located somewhere on the internet. Additional email threats are email-borne viruses, worms and phishing attacks. The spam filter software SPAMfighter and its community-based filtering methods can help protect the user from these types of malware threats.


SPAMfighter is a spam blocker application that grants the user the ability to fine-tune all filtering and blocking levels. Users can change the app's sensitivity settings to match their own personal preferences. The spam filter software's adjustable sensitivity options are Default, Very Soft, Soft, Hard and Very Hard. Users can also create their own personalized black and white lists.

User Experience

SPAMfighter Pro supports Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Support for Yahoo, however, this support is conditional. Users must download their messages via a Microsoft email client or Thunderbird. Yahoo users can elect to pay an additional fee to obtain POP3 services.

The spam filter software has no support or compatibility for web-based Hotmail, MSN and other non-POP3 webmail services. Perhaps in future version releases the manufacturer of SPAMfighter Pro will include this missing support.


SPAMfighter Prois powerful, multi-featured and an outstanding spam filter software. The spam blocker has a remarkably high success rate for blocking spam.

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