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Daemon Tools Pro 7 Review

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PROS / Tools Pro works well for virtual drive emulation, and it lets you create up to 32 virtual drives.

CONS / It lacks a task manager, so it’s difficult to use it as backup or migration software.

 VERDICT / Despite lacking functionality for restoration, Daemon Tools Pro excels at emulation and virtual disc management, making it especially useful for gamers.

Disk imaging software has a myriad of uses beyond simply creating a copy of your computer’s system. As Daemon Tools Pro proves, this kind of software also helps you mount images, burn them for sharing and emulate multiple virtual drives. While Daemon falls short with restoring functionality and a few other features, it’s ideal for gamers and anyone focused on using virtual drives.

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This disk cloning software lets you access burning utilities and easily create disc images, and it also allows you to edit images or convert them between formats. It also creates bootable ISO images that you can use to restart your system in case your computer crashes. Any images it creates will also be verified to ensure that they are error-free.

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Daemon Tools Pro is rich with storage options, giving you the ability to store your images locally, on an external hard drive or optical media, or even on a cloud server. If you have a large image, it lets you split your data across multiple discs. Daemon’s TrueCrypt security encrypts your files.

You can perform a limited amount of file restoration with this disk cloning software, and even control which specific folders or files you can image or restore. However, the software doesn’t really allow for other restore functionality, as there is no option to run the program in a pre-OS recovery environment or even resize bulky files while you’re restoring them.

Despite its lack of backup and restoration functions, Daemon Tools Pro excels at mounting images and emulating drives. You can work with both dynamic and fixed virtual disks, mount a huge variety of common image types, even from Explorer, and take images from physical disks. It even allows you to create up to 32 virtual drives – far more than even the best disk imaging software on our lineup allow for.

The interface on this hard drive cloning software is very minimalist and has clearly labeled icons for quick navigation. In addition to being able to customize integration, confirmation and connection preferences, you can also choose your color scheme for the software, letting you make the software yours. Though it doesn’t have a task manager or scheduler, it does have command line script functionality, giving you the ability to automate certain tasks. You can also set memory and hard drive usage limits for your virtual machine and drives.

As an added bonus for gamers, Daemon includes a Media Info panel, which keeps you up to date with gaming industry news, reviews, videos and its community.

Daemon’s support options are pretty decent. There is a comprehensive user manual on the website, along with a FAQs section and user forums. If you want to talk with a customer service representative directly, you can do so via phone or email.


The Daemon Tools Pro disk imaging software isn’t very robust in regards to restoration functionality. However, it is still quite usable, even ideal, for gamers and anyone needing powerful virtual drive emulation and broad storage options.

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