Pros / FarStone Total Recovery Pro’s cross-platform functionality and network features means it will work with most any computer on your network.

Cons / The software requires at least 1GB of free RAM to run, so if you have an older computer without that much memory available, it won’t work well.

 Verdict / While it works best on newer systems with higher amounts of RAM, FarStone Total Recovery Pro is a solid piece of imaging software that will help you back up and image your home or office network.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

FarStone Total Recovery Pro is a great disk imaging software choice for a home office. Built-in network support and licensing options for multiple PC’s really drives that point. This disk imaging software has support options for dynamic drive configurations, which means you’ll be able to us it on systems with complex hard drive configurations. Unfortunately, it lacks some of the familiar tools other imaging software has to manage large volumes; it won’t support dual boot configurations and doesn’t offer partition management. However, FarStone's high compression ratio means that your backup can fit on an external hard drive. This cloning software also supports 256-bit encryption, so your backup is secure.

Total Recovery Pro supports Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems, including Windows 8 and as far back to Windows XP. FarStone paid particular attention to making sure that a cloned Windows XP version of your computer would be bootable on a Windows 8 motherboard as a bootable virtual machine. Working from this level of clone hard drive support, Total Recovery Pro includes a Dissimilar Restore feature that allows you to install a cloned version of your current operating system and software onto another computer or as mounted virtual hard drive.

Total Recovery Pro offers a variety of backup and data recovery options. Incremental, differential and hot backup features are available to help keep your data continuous and keep you working, but we would advise not using your computer while it backs up. Between the advanced compression feature that can shrink the size of your backup file by as much as 60 percent and its 256-bit encryption, a full gigabyte of RAM will be devoted to imaging up your data. Newer machines may not have an issue with this, but such resource demands could account for the sum of RAM available on computers built just five years ago.

FarStone does a lot of things well, but customer support is not one of them. If you have issues with the software, you are required to obtain a support ticket, and it takes FarStone a few days to respond.

FarStone’s first recommendation of course is to refer to the user manual available on the website, which is comprehensive though a little tricky to find. If you just have a question and Total Recovery Pro is still working, we would recommend your using the in-program Help file in the pull-down menu. This is also accessible by pressing F1 on your keyboard while you’re in the backup program.

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FarStone Total Recovery Pro is a solid performer so long as you meet the minimum hardware requirements and can devote 1GB of RAM when this program is running. Its network support functions, along with the 256-bit encryption and high compression rate, make total Recovery Pro a winner if you’re looking for disk imaging software for your home or small office.

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