Pros / Its Rapid Delta clone and restore functions accelerate the processes to save you time and component resources.

Cons / The plethora of built-in wizards are intended to be helpful, but they may hinder expert users.

 Verdict / Despite being one of the pricier options, Macrium Reflect Home is powerful, thorough and offers a tailored, efficient experience.

Macrium Reflect Home is dependable disk imaging software with a wide selection of outstanding features, including scripting, rapid imaging and SSD trim support. The software works efficiently, and with the quantity of options and pre-loaded backup templates, you can tailor the software to your needs and save yourself time whenever you reuse it. All of this, plus its intuitive design, is why the program earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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Imaging & Storage

As you’d expect from one of the best disk imaging software programs available, Macrium has the important imaging, cloning, backup and storage options necessary for maintaining your digital files. You can run full, differential or incremental image updates. Furthermore, you can opt to image your entire system or an individual file or partition. The software even verifies any data it creates to ensure that it’s error-free and ready to use when you need it.

It can create bootable media to use if your computer crashes or you need to move your data to another source. You can save it on traditional media, such as a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc, or go with something more modern like an external hard drive or cloud server. With so many options, the software makes it easy to have an image copy on hand in case of an emergency, or to deploy multiple machines that have the same setup.

Macrium Reflect can encrypt your data, and if your images are large or you are simply frugal with your digital storage, the software helps you compress your data to a size you want. It can also split large files over multiple discs if you don’t want to deal with compression.

Restoration & Mounting

Whether you upgrade a few components of your system or get a new computer altogether, you can migrate all of your data – or even a few files or folders – easily with Macrium Reflect. It can boot in a pre-OS environment in case your computer crashes, and you can use it to mount an image to a virtual machine or drive quickly and effortlessly.


With this disk cloning software’s built-in task scheduler, you can assign one-time or recurring tasks to run on specific days and even specific times of day. You can set up even more automation with the software’s integrated command line functionality. If you need to use your physical computer at the same time your virtual machine needs to run, the software lets you control memory and hard drive usage for the virtual side.

Overall, the hard drive cloning software is impressively user-friendly and well organized. Things are clearly labeled, and browsing through the tabs reveals all of the imaging, restoration and virtualization options available to you, plus more. Its Rapid Delta technology provides an accelerated cloning and backup process meant to save you precious time.

Help & Support

Macrium has a variety of informational resources available on its website, including a knowledgebase and large community user forum where you can ask questions about the product or answer them for other users. If you need to reach out to the company’s customer support team, you can do so via email.

The software is compatible with all recent Windows operating system versions, but Macrium Reflect is unfortunately unavailable for Mac OS X or Linux.


By offering a variety of handy tools beyond simple disk imaging, Macrium Reflect Home gives you a comprehensive way to manage and protect your computer files. Our testing revealed a smoothly designed program, and we never encountered any errors or stand-out issues. The software is intuitive and the interface is clean. The extensive control it gives you over each process and setting saves you time and makes it a great choice as a hassle-free powerhouse for file management.

Macrium Reflect Home 6.1 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Help & Support

Direct Support

Supported Configurations

10, 8, 7, XP
Mac OS X


Ease of Use Score
Customizable Usage Levels
Disk, Memory
Task Scheduler
Command Line Integration

Restoration & Mounting

Restore Individual Files & Folders
Pre-OS Recovery Environment
To Dissimilar Hardware
Resizes During Restore
Virtual Machine & Drive Mounting

Imaging & Storage

Differential & Incremental Updates
File Level Imaging
Image Verification
Burning on the Fly
Creates Boot Media
Save to External Sources
Encrypt & Compress Data
Split Images