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NovaBACKUP PC 18 Review

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PROS / NovaBACKUP PC’s advanced scheduler gives you the most control over automating tasks of any imaging software we reviewed.

CONS / There is no way for you to set a limit on memory usage levels while running the software on a virtual machine.

 VERDICT / While the software lacks some useful options in its restoration and virtualization features, it is solid imaging software and a good value for its price.

With NovaBACKUP PC, you can quickly create or restore an image of your computer’s entire system or just a specific file or two with the click of a button. This disk imaging software offers advanced scheduling functionality, secure storage options and is backed by an arsenal of technical support options.

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This hard drive cloning software has multiple imaging update options for file-level imaging or a differential backup. It has burn-on-the-fly functionality so you can work in other applications simultaneously, and you can use it to create boot media in case your computer crashes. For extra security, it encrypts your images, and can compress or split them if you need to save space.

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You can choose which files or folders you want to restore. Should your computer crash, you can load your boot media in a pre-OS recovery environment to get your system up and running again. It’s also easy to transfer an image to dissimilar hardware or mount it to a virtual machine or drive with NovaBACKUP, if desired. However, unlike most other options, the software has no ability to eliminate extra space between files it restores, which is disappointing, as this can help save hard drive space.

Compared to the best disk imaging software we reviewed, NovaBACKUP lacks an intuitive layout and you’ll have to search to find certain options. However, the home page lets you access to basic tasks like creating an image backup. Additionally, you can save time by setting up the task scheduler to automate tasks. You can even run scripts for additional automation. In fact, this software boasts more control over task automation than any other program we tested.

If you’ll be running a virtual machine, the software helps you set a limit on how much hard drive space it can access on your physical computer, ensuring you’ll have room to store data from that side as well. However, there is no option for limiting the amount of memory the virtual machine can use.

You can talk with customer service representatives via live chat, email or phone, or browse the many informational resources available on its website, including a knowledgebase, a FAQs section and various video tutorials. Many of these resources are available to you from directly within the interface.

NovaBACKUP has the widest configuration compatibility on our lineup, working with Linux and all recent versions of Windows and Mac OS. You can also easily upgrade to new versions of the disk cloning software from within the program. The software is also one of the most budget-friendly options on our lineup.


With NovaBACKUP PC, you can create or deploy a variety of backups and have control over where you save them. You can schedule certain tasks to run automatically whenever you want, and even mount your images to a virtual machine. Given its extensive and time-saving functionality, thorough technical support resources and low price, the software is great for saving both time and money.

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