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O&O DiskImage 11 Review

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PROS / O&O DiskImage has the most well-organized and clean interface of any program we reviewed.

CONS / It is definitely aimed at the expert user over the casual one.

 VERDICT / The sheer abundance of advanced functionality within the software is impressive and allows you to do a ton of customizing and automating, but it’s simply not accessible to intermediate or novice users.

O&O DiskImage 11 is a powerful and well-designed tool for managing your computer’s files. This disk imaging software is capable of covering your hard-drive cloning, backup and migration needs. While it has the basic features that allow for incremental and differential backups, much of its function is in the more serious side of disk imaging that includes hard-drive recovery through forensic-level imaging.

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The software lets you easily start cloning your hard drive, and it gives you full control over imaging the entire system, a particular partition or a specific folder or file. From the options page, you can go beyond one-click hard drive imaging and also clone dynamic disks the same as if you were cloning a hard drive. To manage large volumes, O&O DiskImage can skip files and split large drives across discs or partitions. The software can also encrypt and compress your data.

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You can store your images on an external hard drive, CD or cloud server, which makes it easier to recover or migrate your data as needed. You can even make a Windows boot disk that works with existing backups to enable a bare-metal restore of your system. It also lets you create and edit your own virtual machine and mount your images onto it. You can also mount data onto a virtual drive or dissimilar hardware.

O&O DiskImage, like the best disk cloning software, has a well-organized and attractive interface, but is chock-full of advanced functionality you’ll already need to have some familiarity with. This software is definitely not set up to accommodate the needs of beginning users.

The software’s home page acts as a launcher where you can easily start running common tasks, like creating an image or backup, restoring data or creating a bootable disk. Atop the page is a ribbon akin to the Microsoft Office one where you can switch between different functions to find the specific one you need.

You can set up the task scheduler to automatically run certain actions on specific days or times, and you can set a limit on how much hard drive space your virtual machine can use on your physical machine, letting you multitask without sacrificing storage space. Advanced users can enjoy further automation with the software’s command line script integration.

While this disk cloning software is strong in other areas, it lacks in its technical support options and supported configurations. There’s a small FAQs section on the website, along with a data sheet and user guide. You can contact representatives directly via email or phone. It’s compatible with Windows 10 and 8, as well as Mac OS X and Linux. One thing that sets the company apart from others is its “First Aid in the Event of Data Loss” article, which provides great insights on how to handle to data loss scenarios.


O&O DiskImage has all the imaging, restoration and virtualization tools for IT personnel or the power user in your home. It has a smooth, organized interface and powerful advanced functionality, making it a great option for a no-fuss way to image and restore your computer’s data.

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