Pros / It easily detected a large quantity of drivers on our test computer.

Cons / There is no one-click fix, so you have to manually select the drivers and what you want to do with them.

 Verdict / Driver Genius offers great scan performance, but it lacks features that would make it easier to use.

If you are curious about the state of your computer's drivers, Driver Genius can quickly scan your system and let you know. This driver update software can also backup and restore your drivers or let you schedule regular scans. However, it isn't the easiest software to use when it comes to installing updates, and it fails to confirm it uses only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sources.

In our tests, Driver Genius was hardly a genius, finding just 110 of the 277 out-of-date drivers for a success rate of almost 40 percent. The silver-lining of this is that it was one of the top performing apps. Only Smart Driver Updater and WinZip Driver Updater found more drivers, with the former finding 126 and the latter finding 111. As you can see, even the best performing apps failed to find even 50-percent of the drivers in need of updating.

Unlike the best driver update software, Driver Genius does not offer a one-click fix for scanning and updating your drivers. Though the download process for obtaining your updates is automatic, you still have to manually select which to update, download, open and install, which is both annoying and time-consuming. It offers a fairly painless backup and restore function for your drivers and allows you to schedule regular scans, though.

The software does not have an exclusion option, which means if you see one driver you want to update, your only options are to update either all your drivers or none of them. This can cause issues if you end up with an update you don't need that isn't functioning correctly. Additionally, the software never specifies whether or not it only uses OEMs, which means no guarantee of the proper drivers. We also encountered a few pop-up ads for the software on our computer, which were annoying.

Should you have questions about the product or need assistance troubleshooting an issue, you can directly contact the company's representatives via email. You can also check out the various tutorials and informational resources in the knowledgebase on its website. The software is compatible with all recent version of Windows, from XP on.

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  2. 8  Driver Genius
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  5. 81.0 %
  6. Category Average
    85.8 %


Though Driver Genius easily identified an impressively large number of drivers on our test computer, this driver updater software lacks a few important features, such as an exclusion option and a one-click fix, and misses the mark on being easy to use. We couldn't verify whether or not it uses OEMs, and it has a couple annoying pop-up ads. It gives you a fairly thorough scan, but without the added functionality of the best driver update software.

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