Driver Reviver 4.6 Review

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PROS / Driver Reviver offers all the features and security guarantees of a top-tier updater.

CONS / It performed abysmally in our more recent battery of tests, finding only a single set of unimportant drivers on a system with three dozen.

VERDICT / Driver Reviver used to be our number one pick, but its database hasn't stood the test of time. Today it's one of the worst options you can buy, since it won't actually find the driver updates you need.

Editor's note: A newer version of this product is available. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version of this product when we next update the Driver Update Software reviews.

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Driver Reviver was once the best driver updater on the market. It offered all the features you could ask for, recommended drivers from original equipment manufacturers, and supported every version of Windows available. Today, those qualities still ring true. It remains feature-packed, it continues to guarantee OEM-only drivers, and it supports every version of Windows, up to and including Windows 8. But when it comes to actually finding and updating drivers, Driver Reviver fails utterly – it missed every single critical update that our test machine needed, and most of the secondary updates, too.

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Given that every driver checker makes the same claim of superiority, we tested them all in the Top Ten Reviews Test Lab, running each on an older computer that had 36 outdated drivers. Though none offered updates for all 36, most managed at least half, while the best software was able to find 24 or even 30 of the problematic drivers. One of the most common finds was a series of eight co-dependent USB controller drivers that are downloaded and installed in a single bundle. These drivers help maintain the operation of your USB ports, which, though helpful, aren't particularly critical to the operation of your PC.

Of the 36 outdated drivers on our test system, Driver Reviver only managed to find those eight USB drivers. It missed important updates to our video card, our Ethernet controller (which manages the system's internet connection), our hard drive and audio controllers, and every single motherboard driver – of which, rest assured, there are many. We were so stunned by the results that we ran Driver Reviver on a second test machine, only to have it return equally meager findings.

That's not to say Driver Reviver is a failure across the board. Its feature set is at rich as we'd expect from a great driver finder, with tools such as backup and restore, scan scheduling and one-click downloads of fresh drivers. But given that the program can't actually find and recommend updates for the drivers that need them, all those features are for naught.


For a product that we formerly called the best driver update software in the industry, Driver Reviver's modern performance was a sad disappointment. Confident though we are in the fact that its drivers are malware-free and its features are solid and dependable, its scans are anything but. If you're looking for a strong driver updater to help you keep your computer in good health, look elsewhere; Driver Reviver can't handle the job.

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