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UpdateStar Drivers 8.1 Review

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PROS / UpdateStar Drivers has an uninstall option so you can delete drivers you’ll never use again.

CONS / It doesn’t show you any driver details, leaving you in the dark as to your drivers’ histories and sources.

 VERDICT / While the software detected as many drivers as our high-ranking options, it makes you install updates manually and does not guarantee the proper driver updates.

UpdateStar Drivers is compatible with all recent Windows versions. The driver update software is a decent choice for novice users, as it can detect a respectable number of drivers and set you up to update them manually. However, it lacks lots of standard features, such as a one-click fix and a scheduler. It also does not guarantee original equipment manufacturer (OEM) drivers, so the drivers it recommends can pose a risk to the health of your computer.

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This software holds up against some of our best driver updaters in regards to how many drivers it detected on our test PC. Out of the 277 drivers we counted on that computer, UpdateStar identified an impressive 101 – none of the products we tested got them all, so overall, 101 is good. The software did not reveal any details about the driver versions, though it did show their sources.

  1. How well the software could detect and update drivers.
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  2. 13 UpdateStar Drivers
  3. 98%
  4. 93%
  5. 81%
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The driver software isn’t the most intuitive or easy to use of the products we tested. Furthermore, it can be a bit alienating to novice computer users, as it doesn’t install any updates automatically – you have to open and install them manually. As with all other products on our lineup, UpdateStar also helps you create a backup of all of your drivers and can restore them, if necessary. Its exclusion option is a nice feature, as it lets you decide whether to update all of your drivers or just a couple of them. It also has an uninstall option, which only a few other programs have. This feature is handy, especially for novice users, since it lets you easily delete old drivers you no longer need.

You have multiple options for getting in touch with the company’s technical support team, including by email and phone. It also has a large FAQs and support section available on its website, if you don’t want to talk to a support representative directly. However, the site lacks helpful tutorials, which are nice to have.


If we scored UpdateStar Drivers solely on its capacity to identify drivers or its customer service resources, it’s possible it’d be in our top 10. However, the driver updater software is missing basic features as well as some of the functionality that would make it approachable for less-experienced computer users. Without a guarantee of OEM drivers and with requisite individual, manual driver installations and backups, this product is only a decent deal if you don’t mind doing a little extra work.

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