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The Best File Compression Software of 2017

Compress, Condense and Consolidate Your Files

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The Best File Compression Software of 2017
Our Ranking File Compression Software Price
1 System Navigator $34.95
2 BitZipper $24.95
3 StuffIt $35.00
4 WinZip $29.95
5 PKZIP $29.00
6 WinRAR $29.00
7 WinAce $29.00
8 Express Zip $16.97
9 TurboZIP $29.95
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File Compression Software Review

Why Use File Compression Software?

File compression software makes your digital files and folders easier to save, organize and manage. It lets you compress files to store, email and share through online sharing sites such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive and others. It lets you share large files on social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Zip software takes large files and folders that consume a lot of hard disk space and condenses them into smaller, easier-to-manage archives. It gives you the ability to transfer archives to CDs, DVDs and flash drives for easy backups of family vacation photos or work documents. You can compress PDF files that may be too large to transfer. This will save bandwidth and storage space.

Our top three products, BitZipper, StuffIt and WinZip, are great choices to compress files. You can learn more about zip programs by checking out our articles on file compression software.

File Compression Software: What to Look For

The best file compression software offers a level of comfort and ease, while achieving the best compression ratio to conserve hard drive space. All file compression software should let you archive and extract ZIP files, and should offer encrypted password protection and test the integrity of an archive. The best file compression applications include drag-and-drop functionality and wizards for inexperienced users.

We used the following criteria to evaluate file compression software:

File compression software should include a number of basic and advanced features. Most compression software allows for archiving and extraction through simple right-click functionality. Other features should include the creation of self-extracting archives, multiple volume support and compression ratio display. Some file compression software includes the ability to convert archives to other archive formats and to batch convert files.

Supported Compression Formats
All file compression software should be able to compress files into a ZIP archive, the most common and widely used archive file type. Most compression software supports compression for other popular, open-source archive types like 7z and TAR. And others support proprietary formats such as RAR and ACE.

Supported Extraction Formats
It's possible to argue that a file compression application is only as impressive as its list of supported extraction formats. The best file compression software should let you extract all popular archives and files, such as ZIP, RAR, ISO, TAR and a number of other formats. The best products are generally compatible with the most file types.

Help & Support
Most zip software lets you compress files with ease. But if complications or technical difficulties should arise, it's good to have competent and thorough customer support. The best file compression software has a host of support options, including by telephone and email.

File compression software is a handy tool if you regularly deal with large files and need to compress them to save hard-drive storage space or to share and email them with others. Zip software can help you meet those needs. Our review will help you determine the best zip program for your purposes.