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Pros / Express Zip has an easy-to-use interface that makes compressing files for transfer or archiving easy and smooth. This application offers email integration for added convenience.

Cons / This ZIP software offers only one compression format, though it is the most widely used in the industry. You must pay extra for telephone support.

 Verdict / Express Zip only compresses files into the ZIP format, though that shouldn't be too much of a hindrance because it's the most widely used format. This file compression software is easy to use and offers all the other features and extraction formats outlined in our comparison. It's a solid product.

Express Zip offers most of the features outlined in our review. This file compression software offers password protection to protect files that you zip, and it has drag-and-drop functionality to easily insert files into the application.

This ZIP program repairs damaged archives and creates self-extracting archives. It has an intuitive user interface that lends itself to managing the files you zip and unzip.

This application compresses files only in the ZIP format. You cannot compress them in RAR, BZ2, TAR, CAB, 7Z, ACE or LHA/LZH. Luckily, ZIP is among the most popular formats in which to compress files. Most computer operating systems support ZIP, and many features found in ZIP software are already built in to your computer's operating system.

Express Zip is one of only two ZIP programs on our lineup that support all the common extraction features we listed. It lets you unzip ZIP, RAR, TAR, TGZ, IMG, GZ, CAB, 7z and ISO files.

One of the primary reasons to compress files is to send them via email. Most email services have attachment size limits. This application gives you the ability to use it as a proxy to compress PDF files and other files and email them as attachments. It requires a one-time set up per email address, but that takes less than a minute. After that, you're free to use Express Zip to send as many compressed files as you want.

Express Zip's file conversion gives you the ability to take a compressed file and convert it to a different compression format. For example, if you have a compressed file in the TAR format, Express Zip will analyze the compression and convert it to the ZIP format.

Express Zip offers ample options for customer support, though you must purchase the additional platinum support to add telephone support. More basic options include a user guide that you can access in the top menu of the user interface. There are also online FAQs to search for answers to certain usage and technical questions.

You can also access support via email. NCH offers a user forum for Express Zip, but there aren't many postings in the forum.

  • Compression Formats
  • Extraction Formats
  • ZIP Compression Ratio
  1. The number of compression formats supported by the software.
    Higher is better.
  2. 8  Express Zip
  3. 13.0
  4. 11.0
  5. 12.0
  6. Category Average


Express Zip lets you compress large files and folders into more manageable files for a number of purposes, including email, archiving and encrypting sensitive material. The ZIP file format is the de facto standard for compressed files, and Express Zip is focused on this format. This ensures that the files you create will be compatible with other computers, but it could be seen as a drawback if you're looking for a product to compress files into other formats.

Express Zip 2.13 Visit Site