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Pros / This software offers a cadre of standard features used to aid in file compression and extraction.

Cons / It lacks a few compression and extraction formats offered by its competitors, and falls short in help and customer support.

 Verdict / WinAce is adequate software to zip files, especially if you like working with the proprietary ACE compression format. This software lacks compatibility with some formats offered by its competitors and needs to offer better customer support.

WinAce file compression software offers most of the standard features we looked for in this type of application. It falls short in the number of compression and extraction formats it supports, however.

This ZIP software offers the ACE proprietary compression format. It may compress certain files at a higher rate than other standard formats, but that format may not be compatible with other file compression software. You can compress certain files to ACE and then resave them as ZIP files, but that lengthens the compression process and may prove ineffective.

WinAce has most of the standard features of file compression software. It can integrate with Outlook, encrypt your archives, split archives and create self-extracting archives. However, it lacks full drag-and-drop functionality. You cannot directly drop files into the application to compress them, although you can drag and drop them into existing archives.

This ZIP program supports four of the standard compression formats we looked at in our ranking. These include ZIP, LHA, TAR and CAB. The software also supports ACE, JAR, GZip and GZip Tar files. It does not support BZ2, 7Z or RAR.

WinAce extracts 13 formats, but only six of the standard formats we looked for in our ranking. Those include ZIP, CAB, RAR, GZ, ISO and TAR. It also supports ACE, LHA, ARC, ARJ, Zoo, JAR and BZ2. It does not support TGZ, 7Z or IMG.

You can batch compress archives in WinAce, and the information box on the left side of the screen displays everything you need to know about your archives, including file type, compression ratio and the number of files in the archive.

You can change the Presets to alter the backup settings to fast compression, maximum compression to create 1.44MB multi-volumes or to create ZIP files.

WinAce offers FAQs and email support. Representatives were responsive to our initial query, but successive emails to the company went unanswered. You can access help through the menu bar of the user interface, but it didn't work when we tested it. This may be because WinAce is an older program that is not fully supported on the latest Windows operating systems.

  • Compression Formats
  • Extraction Formats
  • ZIP Compression Ratio
  1. The number of compression formats supported by the software.
    Higher is better.
  2. 7  WinAce
  3. 13.0
  4. 11.0
  5. 12.0
  6. Category Average


WinAce offers standard file compression software features. It focuses heavily on its proprietary ACE format and lacks a few compression and extraction formats offered by competitors. It's a bit antiquated and is not fully supported on modern versions of Windows.

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