Network Management Software Review

Why Get Network Management Software?

Company IT managers have a big job to do. They have to keep the network online at all times, track every connected device and monitor data transfer and bandwidth issues. If these responsibilities are yours, network management software can keep you in control of your network and immediately alert you to problems that require your attention. Three of the top monitoring tools are OpManager, PRTG Network Monitor and SevOne. The right system will be a trusted ally that helps run the infrastructure your company is built on.

Network Management Software: What to Look For

Network management consists of multiple elements that make up any IT framework. This includes everything from routers and switches to bandwidth management to server and OS maintenance. Managing networks isn t a simple matter of tracking IPs or making sure there s enough bandwidth for everyone to use. Be sure to choose a management system that covers your company's unique needs.

When it comes to network monitoring tools, numerous features should be present. The system needs to monitor bandwidth and allow you to set up alert systems for faults and capacity levels, track IPs of connected devices and monitor network usage trends. Each of these features should be traceable through the use of diverse and custom reporting tools that display information about your network in a visual and non-technical manner for presentations with key decision makers.

Installation & Integration
The ability for network manager software to install within your current network and integrate with your hardware is critical for any company. Without ease of integration with your existing IT framework, it becomes more difficult to fully realize the benefits of the application in its entirety. The best monitoring software available should offer easy installation within your network and quick discovery of all networking hardware to ensure you can quickly set up any monitors you need.

Sensors & Nodes
Even with the best networking tools, it is quite difficult to keep track of all elements of the network and know when problems are arising. Through the use of sensors and nodes, you can set up alerts to notify you when performance levels are deteriorating or hardware has failed. As part of each software package, you can purchase a specific number of nodes or sensors that monitor very specific parts of your network s equipment.

The network management system is designed to help IT administrators perform their duties with precision. Through a diverse range of sensors and nodes to track all aspects of your network, combined with ease of integration and a diverse feature set, this type of application will keep you informed of network health. The best IT system is one that addresses issues before employees or customers become aware of it, and this type of software will enable you to run everything smoothly in the background.