Pros / This software has a strong feature set, which includes all the major partitioning tools.

Cons / We found this software was more difficult to use than other hard disk managers.

 Verdict / This software is ideal for advanced users because it will give them more options without complicating the partitioning process.

Editor's note: There is a new version of Acronis Disk Director available. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version when we next update the Partition Manager Software reviews.

Acronis Disk Director has all the essential features to optimize your computer’s speed and organize your hard drive. This partition manager software can divide your drive into partitions, recover and restore lost data and install new operating systems. We found that this software excelled in its feature set; however, we wished that Disk Director was easier to use. We felt that this software was ideal for more advanced users who have experience with computers.

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This partition manager software has some advanced partitioning features. In addition to creating and deleting a partition, you can reformat a partition by merging, splitting, resizing or moving it. You can perform all these functions without losing data.

To perform any of these functions, you select the partition you wish to format and a list of available actions will generate on the left of the application. After clicking on one of these options, you will be guided through the respective process by a setup wizard.

Data Backup & Restore

We regret that this software does not include advanced backup functions. However, Disk Director does clone and mirror data. Cloning data allows you to move your hard drive or selected portions to a new computer. Mirroring data copies it to another section of the hard drive to protect against hard drive failure.

This hard drive manager software also includes Acronis Recovery Expert, which will help you recover and restore lost data. We appreciate that the recovery wizard allows you to choose between automatic or manual modes. This gives advanced users more control over data recovery, while novice users can still use the Recovery Expert. We also liked that this application helps you recover data even if your hard drive will not boot.


Some extra features in this software include a boot manager and the capability to install a new operating system. These features are very helpful if you want to install multiple operating systems on your computer.

Although this hard disk partition software does not have a tool that predicts hard drive failure, we found that it allows you to check for errors. This tool will fix errors and bad sectors that it finds during the scans.

Acronis provides a tool that allows you to defragment your hard drive directly from the hard disk management software. This makes it simple to clean up your hard drive and keep it organized.

Ease of Use

We found that this software may be developed for more advanced computer users. The setup wizards ask more complex questions and provides more options than other partition manager software. New users may not fully understand the complicated options provided by the user. However, we feel that users without a background in computers can still operate this software since the wizard does not require you to answer the more complex questions.

We like that this application keeps a log of what actions you have performed. This is helpful if you need to undo changes or remember what changes you made.

Technical Help & Support

Acronis provides free telephone, email and live chat support for the first 30 days. After this period, the developer charges for these forms of support. However, Acronis provides a FAQs page and a user forum where you can find answers to most questions.

We appreciated that the partition manager had a link directly to Acronis’s Customer Service & Support webpage. We also liked the “Learn More” links that are located at the bottom of most pages of the application. If you click on this link, it takes you to the relevant section of the application’s help guide. We found this feature extremely convenient and efficient.


We are impressed with the feature set included in Acronis Disk Director. Although this partition manager could be better designed to help novice computer users understand each function, we think that the extra questions asked by the setup wizards give advanced users more flexibility to format their hard drive how they wish. For this reason, we recommend this software to advanced computer users.

Acronis Disk Director 11 Home Visit Site