Pros / You can create, delete and resize partitions using O&O Partition Manager.

Cons / There is no health check feature available on this software.

 Verdict / O&O Partition Manager lacks advanced backup and recovery features.

O&O Partition Manager gives you the power to manage and organize your hard drive with basic partitioning features. You can also clear or defragment your hard drive with this software, and they offer adequate customer support. This hard disk manager software is compatible with Widows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Although, this hard disk manager’s greatest drawback is that it doesn’t provide any backup or restoring features to add advanced protection to your hard drive.

Using this hard disk manager software, you can create and delete partitions. Managing your hard drive with partitions is ideal for backup purposes and for file organization. You can also resize and merge partitions together using this software. When merging partitions using O&O Partition Manager, you are combining smaller partitions into one larger partition.

You can browse information such as file system, total space, free space and the health status of each partition. You can also browse the files placed in each partition to help you organize and manage your documents and data. Advanced partitioning features are available on this software, but we were disappointed to see that no option to hide or unhide partitions is offered.

This hard disk management software did not meet our expectations for data backup features. This software doesn’t offer advanced backup features, but it does provide a small amount of protection. It offers a mirror feature that allows you to copy identical data from one hard disk onto another with a mirrored amount of volume. This mirrored copy is similar to a backup copy. You will need two hard disks to complete this action. O&O Partition Manager also provides disk support for removable drives such as a USB drive or an addition hard drive.

O&O Partition Manager offers few features to enhance this software; however, the features provided will improve your hard drive’s optimization. You can optimize your hard drive’s size to its minimum, which removes all free space from partitions and files and makes your hard drive more condensed. This process is also known as defragmentation.

You can wipe your hard drive clean using the start CD. This CD allows you to run and operate your own mini operating system on the hard drive without working with the Windows operating system located on your PC. This hard disk management software walks you through the process and offers you the information you need to know regarding the start CD.

Navigating through this hard disk manager software was more difficult than similar products we tested. The features and options were not as visible on the menu, and we had to use the search toolbar, located in the help section, to find many of the available features.

O&O Partition Manager offers adequate customer support and technical assistance. This hard disk manager software offers email and telephone support as two modes of communication. There is no live chat support, which was a drawback to this product. O&O provides a FAQs section to answer several of the common questions asked to customer service. In addition, they provide a user manual to aid you through several tasks and features on this software program. Aside from no online chat support, another drawback for this software program is the lack of a user forum.

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Partitioning is the main function this hard disk manager software performs. It offers the basic backup features but unfortunately lacks any type of recovery or data restoring functions. O&O Partition Manager offers adequate technical support and is compatible with several Windows operating systems.

O&O Partition Manager 3 Professional Visit Site

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