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Pros / This PC migration software transfers applications as well as files and settings.

Cons / You cannot select or filter specific files and folders for the migration.

 Verdict / Zinstall WinWin is a simple, easy-to-use data migration tool that quickly transfers your files from system to system.

TopTenREVIEWS - Bronze Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Zinstall WinWin gets our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for PC migration software. This data migration tool lets you transfer files from PC to PC when you upgrade to a new system. Or you can migrate from an old to new operating system on the same computer. The migration software also lets you retain the same feel of your old system to help transition into your new one by transferring your applications and settings. Although it doesn't have as many selectivity options as other comparable software, Zinstall WinWin is still a great choice to effectively migrate your information.

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  2. 3  Zinstall WinWin
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Transfer Tools

Zinstall WinWin lets you migrate settings and transfer programs to a new computer, saving you the trouble and time of reinstalling programs. Although the program lets you select which drives you are transferring to and from, there isn't an option to filter or select specific files or file types. This might make the total migration time very long, depending on how many programs and files are on the source system.

Migration Options

This data migration tool lets you migrate from an old to new PC or operating system on the same computer. Each migration is a native migration, so everything you transfer is integrated directly into a new system. This means that you don't have to switch between a virtualized computer and your new system's desktop. Because the software requires download on both systems and internet activation, it does not restore contents from an old hard disk with no working computer.

Additional Features

Zinstall WinWin has an easy-to-use interface. The setup wizard walks you through each step of the setup process. This PC migration tool does not have an option to undo migration built into the software. To undo a migration manually, you have to run a system restore using the operating system's built-in tool.

Help & Support

You can contact Zinstall for help and support by email only. The company also sells premium support sessions, which let an employee remotely access your computer to complete the migration. A diagnostic tool is available for download to make sure your systems can run the migration. You can also download the full setup guide with some helpful FAQs to troubleshoot common issues.

Although Zinstall offers a migration guarantee, with a full refund if the migration fails, there are several instances when the guarantee is void. For example, it is void if the computers have hardware issues prior to the migration that prevent it from completing.


Zinstall WinWin PC migration software simplifies the transfer process by migrating data, applications and settings to your new PC. WinWin natively transfers everything from your old system and integrates it with your new one. With its easy-to-use interface, Zinstall WinWin is a great choice for native PC migration.

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