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AVG PC TuneUp Review

PROS / It improved the boot-up speed by 25.5 percent.

CONS / The diagnostic consistency score is very low at 43.5 percent.

 VERDICT / While AVG PC TuneUp didn't improve our test PC's overall performance by much, it improved boot-up speed significantly, despite being a very inconsistent diagnostic tool.

AVG PC TuneUp is a PC system optimization app that promises to provide more storage space, faster speeds, longer battery life and less crashing – all with a set-and-forget interface that works automatically. With 17 tools, it's a full suite of Windows utility software. AVG also promises it can restore your PC to its original speed. While it didn't produce impressive improvements to our test PC, it did improve boot-up speed dramatically.

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For each PC cleaner in our review, we employed the program's optimization tools on a test computer. We used PCMark 8 to benchmark performance both before and after optimization. The benchmark tests measured word and data processing, graphics processing, web browsing and video chat quality. We also benchmarked the boot-up speed and evaluated the diagnostic consistency of the app.

  1. This is the overall improvement made to our test computer after multiple tests.
    Higher is Better
  2. 5 AVG PC TuneUp
  3. 12.5%
  4. 10%
  5. 9%
  6. Category Average

It's important to note that every computer is different. Just as AVG states on its website, the same goes for Top Ten Reviews: The results of our tests are only indicative, and your results may vary.

Overall, AVG PC TuneUp improved our test PC by 9.5 percent on average, which was above average, though not significant enough to be noticeable in day-to-day usage. In comparison, the best PC system utility software in our tests improved the same test PC by just 12.5 percent, which is also too insignificant to be noticeable without benchmarking software.

Where this app really shines is the boot-up speed, which was improved by 25.5 percent. This is definitely noticeable. For example, if your boot-up speed is one minute, this is an improvement of over 15 seconds. It was the second best boot-up improvement in our tests.

One downside to AVG PC TuneUp is its 43.5 percent diagnostic consistency score. In our tests, we'd scan our test PC for issues. Then we'd fix the issues and scan the computer again immediately afterward. If the app is consistent, it shouldn't recognize any issues immediately after fixing them.

After nearly 30 rounds of consistency tests, this PC cleaner app continued to find issues on subsequent scans. However, diagnostic inconsistency doesn't necessarily reflect the app's ability to improve your PC's performance. As noted, despite the inconsistency, AVG PC TuneUp was still above average and still produced excellent boot-up improvements.

AVG PC TuneUp has a sleek interface that looks great, but that doesn't always translate to ease of use. In our evaluation, it received a C for the overall ease of use, which means that novice users might feel lost as they navigate through all the tools. However, ease of installation received an A, making it one of the easiest products for a novice user to install.


AVG PC TuneUp is a suite of PC system utility software designed to optimize your sluggish computer, reviving it to former speeds. However, after testing the optimization tools, it failed to produce significant improvements in PC speeds, only improving our test PC by 9.5 percent overall. In addition, the app was very inconsistent when diagnosing errors. However, the boot-up speed was improved by a significant margin, and that's worth your consideration.

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