Pros / This program improved boot-up speed by 19 percent.

Cons / Optimization resulted in less storage by 400MB.

 Verdict / Glary Utilities Pro 5 produced excellent results both in overall performance improvement and boot-up improvement.

Glarysoft Ltd. developed Glary Utilities Pro 5 to be an all-in-one PC system utility software program that can free up disk space, clean the registry, manage the drivers, tighten up privacy and maintain security protocols. There are over 20 tools in this software suite designed to improve and optimize your computer. In our tests, this app was among the best performers, and it had a high diagnostic consistency score. For these reasons, Glary Utilities Pro 5 earns the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for best PC system utilities software.

We tested each PC optimization app by setting up our test PC so that it was frustratingly slow. Then we used PCMark 8 to benchmark the PC's performance, both before and after we used the app's optimization tools. The benchmarking tested word and data processing, graphics processing, web browsing and video chat. We tested whether there was any improvement in the boot-up speed and the diagnostic consistency of the app. The best PC cleaner should diagnose issues consistently.

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  • Overall Improvement
  • Boot Up Speed Improvement
  • Word & Data Processing Improvement
  • Video Chat Quality Improvement
  • Diagnostic Consistency
  1. This is the overall improvement made to our test computer after multiple tests.
    Higher is Better
  2. 2  Glary Utilities Pro
    10.0 %
  3. 12.5 %
  4. 9.0 %
  5. Category Average
    8.35 %

System Improvement

After multiple rounds of testing Glary's optimization tools, the average improvement to our test PC was 10 percent. This was the second best improvement made by any of the products in our review. Still, a 10 percent improvement isn't noticeable with day-to-day usage. So you shouldn't expect a slow computer to improve dramatically. However, the boot-up speed was improved by 19 percent, which is noticeable. For example, 19 percent of a minute is 11.4 seconds. This was the third best improvement to boot-up speed in our tests.

One downside to this app, which surfaced in our system-improvement tests, was the 400MB loss to our test computer's storage space. In each test we ran, Glary Utilities Pro would recognize anywhere from 280MB to 5GB of files that it would clean from the PC to free up space. However, the total storage space only got smaller.

Convenience Features

Glary Utilities Pro received a 97.5 percent diagnostic consistency score. While we'd prefer to see a perfect 100 percent score, this high percentage suggests it rarely misses an issue, and it certainly doesn't exaggerate issues for the sake of the scan. To find this score, we ran an initial scan and fixed all of the errors it recognized. Then we immediately ran a second scan. If the app is doing its job, it shouldn't find any more errors. We ran almost 30 of these tests, so a 97.5 diagnostic consistency score is excellent.

The ease of use received a C, which means the average novice user will find it more difficult than most of the software in our review. There are many tools, but most of them don't offer much help and only clutter the interface.

The easiest part of the interface is the one-click maintenance tab, which lets you run all the optimization tools with one click. However, the rest of the interface is complicated and requires some experience to navigate it effectively. In addition, the installation received a B- for ease of use.

Advanced Tools

As stated in the introduction, Glary Utilities has over 20 optimization tools. You can back up and restore your entire system, recover accidentally deleted files, repair shortcuts and registries, optimize security and privacy, shred and encrypt files.

The only advanced tool it's lacking is an SSD (solid-state drive) optimizer, but only a few PC utility apps have this tool. Optimizing an SSD can be tricky because you can actually shorten the lifespan.

Help & Support

You might find Glarysoft's help and support disappointing. You get three computer licenses, which allows you to install it on three computers. You can only contact support through email. There's no phone support or live chat. The service provides a FAQs page, but the content is scant.


Glary Utilities Pro 5 is a suite of PC system utility software designed to improve your computer's performance by providing an all-in-one tool for maintaining and monitoring the health of your computer. In our tests, it improved the overall performance of our test PC by 10 percent, and it improved the boot-up speed by 19 percent. In addition, the diagnostic consistency was high at 97.5 percent. According to our tests, this is one of the best PC system utility software programs.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Help & Support

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System Improvement

Overall Improvement
Boot Up
Word & Data Processing
Graphics Processing
Web Browsing Speed
Video Chat Quality
Storage Recovered

Advanced Tools

System Backup & Restore
File Recovery
Shortcut Repair
Registry Repair
Security & Privacy Optimization
File Shredder
SSD Optimizer
File Encryption

Convenience Features

Diagnostic Consistency
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Process Manager
Hard Drive Failure Monitor
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