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Pros / SystemSuite’s optimization features can streamline any computer.

Cons / There is not much explanation about each feature available on SystemSuite.

 Verdict / SystemSuite offers a wide range of features and tools but can be challenging for those who are unfamiliar with how PC system utilities software works.

SystemSuite is a PC system utilities application that offers a variety of features and tools to ensure that your computer stays healthy. This application offers excellent diagnostic tools to find problems that may be infecting your computer, and it makes it easy to remove and repair any damage. SystemSuite isn't as fast as several similar products, which is a drawback. Overall, however, SystemSuite is an ideal choice for a PC utilities application and a smart choice to keep your computer maintained.

Media Verifier and SMART Disk Check are valuable resources. They check for legitimate errors in your computer's hardware and CDs and DVDs. System Explorer provides data about the various components associated with your system, while System Monitors displays graphs to help you keep track of how your system's resources are being used. System Schedule allows you to schedule when SystemSuite will perform its tasks.

The repair and recovery features in SystemSuite are a mixture of good and bad, but there are some decent repair and recovery features in SystemSuite PC system utilities. For instance, Registry Fixer and Disk Fixer are two powerful tools for repairing errors in the registry and on your hard drives. Broken Shortcuts Fixer removes broken shortcuts that no longer have an application to link to and finds new targets for shortcuts that are linked to applications that have recently been moved.

Registry Cleaner is a limited feature that should be merged with Registry Fixer. Registry Cleaner removes erroneous or invalid entries from the registry, while Registry Fixer lets you adjust the contents of each individual registry key. The registry repair scans nearly a dozen areas on your registry to find any problems that may exist. It then gives you detailed lists of problems and allows you to choose which files you want to fix. File Cleaner removes unnecessary files that are currently cluttering up your hard drive.

File Restore finds and recovers deleted files, while the Shredder tool eliminates the chance of deleted files being recovered. Rescue Disk creates a bootable CD or DVD you can use if and when your system crashes and your operating system will no longer load. Disk Snapshot takes a snapshot of your file system that you can use with the File Restore feature to recover your data. Emergency Manual is a basic how-to guide for solving common computer problems and getting your machine back on track.

At the end of the installation process for this PC system utilities application, you will see a list of optional features you can enable. These features include Recovery Commander, Web Defense Tool, Active Defense, Email Defense and Firewall. Recovery Commander monitors your system and schedules system checkpoints. The Web Defense Tool scans URLs and blocks threats before they can infect your system. Active and Email Defense automatically check for viruses and malware in incoming emails and when files are opened. The Firewall protects your computer from attacks over the internet. While these features might seem good in theory, they can slow down your computer and should be left disabled.

This application offers antivirus and antispyware protection. It scans your web browser and all your downloaded files for any malicious predators that may infect and destroy your computer or steal your personal information. This protection automatically runs, making it less of an effort for you to find those dangerous files and programs.

System Optimizer adjusts unknown settings on your computer based on a list of system profiles that are included with the application. PC Startup Analyzer gives you a clear idea of what processes occupy the most system resources when your system starts up. Startup Commander lists all of the processes set to start up when your operating system loads. Since this feature doesn't make the importance of each startup process clear, we recommend showing extreme caution when disabling startup processes. You won't know if you're disabling something crucial until it seriously compromises your system's performance. Registry Defrag and Disk Defrag reduce the size of your hard drive and the registry by removing fragmented data from both locations.

If your internet connection is acting sluggish or your system is running slow, you can try optimizing them with Internet Speed and Memory Optimizer. Windows Mod and Windows Optimizer are two similar features that let you tinker with several Windows settings to increase the speed of your operating system.

We found using SystemSuite to be very easy and quick. We enjoyed using the features in SystemSuite, but we would like to see a little more explanation as to what each tool does. For example, Internet Speed and Memory Optimizer optimize your memory and internet speed without telling you exactly how they do it. When dealing with potentially crucial system settings, it's better to be up front and let users choose what they want to do with their systems.

A majority of SystemSuite's customer service features can be found on a website called SoftCity, which is run by Avanquest. On this site, you'll find a FAQs section, an area loaded with questions customers have submitted and the option to create your own question about the PC system utilities software. If you can't find your answer in these areas, you can fill out a contact form, chat with a customer service representative or call one on the phone. We found the customer service representatives to be knowledgeable, and the response times we encountered were exceptional for a software manufacturer of its size. They were willing to answer our questions, no matter how many of them we had.


SystemSuite is a stellar PC system utilities application. This application offers a wide range of features and tools to ensure that your computer runs at its best. It is easy to run any type of scan using this application, and it's very simple to repair and recover any damage that may have been made. One of the greatest drawbacks to this application is the lack of explanations for each feature of the software. If you are not aware of what each tool and feature does before using SystemSuite, it may be a bit of a challenge for you.

SystemSuite 12 Professional Visit Site