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ARO 2012 Review

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PROS / This registry cleaner offers a time-efficient process and user-friendly navigation.

CONS / ARO lacks severity rankings to let you know which issues are the most critical.

 VERDICT / The cleaning, backup and restoration tools are helpful and very easy to use on this registry cleaner.

ARO 2012 was developed to help anyone clean up a cluttered registry without the worry of destroying their computer. This registry cleaner software is capable of not only cleaning up and fixing issues within your registry, but also within your entire computer. Running scans and repairing issues on ARO 2012 takes only a few minutes and keeps your system running like new. The application itself is very easy to use, and the tabs and buttons make navigation extremely quick.

ARO 2012

Safety has always been the primary focus for Sammsoft since a damaged registry means a new computer for most users. Sammsoft, the developers of this software, designed it with the average user in mind. Helpful explanations of each feature take the stress out of optimizing your computer's overall performance. ARO 2012 receives our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award due to its ease of use and overall excellent feature set.


Sammsoft understands the need for both an easy-to-use and full-featured registry cleaner software. We were quite pleased to see that the scan process is rather fast and is able to find well over 3,000 issues that required attention. Like many of the other high-end registry cleaners we reviewed, ARO 2012 is able to clean or remove unneeded objects without any real issues. We were pleased that it has the ability to remove junk files and even traces of online activities from the basic web browsers. It can also perform a deep scan, which simply helps clear out files that most registry cleaners overlook. The combination of a quick scan, effective clean-up process and overall quality features greatly increase the software's overall performance.


Safety is the most critical issue with registry cleaner utilities. ARO 2012 offers many safety features to ensure that it improves your computer rather than making it worse. The ability to undo individual changes allows you to go back and make sure you've got everything set up and working correctly the first time through.

ARO 2012 scans and verifies that your Windows Update is optimally configured to help ensure your computer runs at its best. Registry backup and system-restore applications are also available in case you end up making a change that is too overwhelming to deal with. However, ARO 2012 does lack severity warnings for each issue, so the best action is to make sure to fix or clean up anything and everything that could be a problem.

Registry Cleaning Items

When it comes to ease of use, there are very few registry cleaner applications that can compare to this one. ARO has five different tabs that walk you through checking the status, clean up and optimization of your registry and computer. With a simple two-click process, you can scan your registry for potential problems. This simple navigation is ideal for a novice user and yet complex enough to fix any major issues.

Along with registry repair, there is also a backup section to make sure that everything works the way it’s supposed to after the cleanup and fixes are done. If your system ever crashes, having continual backups makes it simple to restore your system to a state where it worked without a lot of hassle. The simplified controls make picking and choosing which files to scan much easier, and even make scheduling new scans easier.

Help & Support

Registry cleaners can present a lot of twists and turns to those who are not comfortable with computers. Being able to find quick tips or step-by-step instructions on how things work is invaluable. This registry cleaner takes the guesswork out of the process by offering a variety of helpful features. The Help and Support button will grant you access to a help manual, or you can go online to access the FAQs page. An email address is also available for those who want to work things out with an actual person. However, the software is simple enough to use that most people will never need the help.


ARO 2012 is registry cleaning software capable of not only cleaning your registry, but also speeding up your computer. The software is very easy to use, with step-by-step instructions on how to use each feature. To ensure that everything works properly, make sure to back up your registry before each cleaning. The online information, user manual and additional tips are very welcome and answer the most difficult questions. If you want to have a fast, reliable computer, again ARO 2012 is a great choice to help clean up that cluttered registry.

ARO 2012