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FIXIO PC Cleaner 1.1 Review

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PROS / An exceptionally user friendly application, it accommodates beginners and expert needs.

CONS / Customer support options don’t include live chat or an email.

 VERDICT / Ease-of-use, customizability and features beyond registry cleaning make this a great choice.

This product is no longer available. Make sure to check out our other regsitry cleaner reviews.

FIXIO PC Cleaner 1.1

The typical computer user frequently adds and deletes programs and files on a pretty regular basis. They also change configurations, add and remove hardware, and download information frequently. While these processes may seem like a pretty straightforward proposition, the reality is that numerous changes take place on the hard drive that are out of the view of the user. Relationships between applications, files and other programs are modified automatically and, often, incompletely. Great registry cleaner software can prevent these operations from adversely affecting your computer’s performance, and FIXIO PC Cleaner is among the best of this type of application. Not only is it extremely effective but it is exceptionally easy to use.


We all know that changes that occur over time to the Windows system registry can slow your computer system to a maddening crawl. Most of us also know that making changes to the registries, the central database of the operating system’s configuration, should be left strictly to expert users. Removing the wrong registry entry can have untold consequences, including rendering the computer lifeless. FIXIO PC Cleaner makes child’s play of delicate registry cleaning.

It would be hard to imagine a registry cleaner application that’s much easier to use. You simply download the installation file and opt to install it. That’s all there is to it. Once completed, you could literally do as little as selecting the quick scan option and, with a single click, scanning your registry for errors. Another click and the program will fix any errors that it found.

Of course, there are numerous options beyond that most basic level. Many of them deal specifically with how the application operates. There are options to launch the program on computer startup, close the program automatically when scans are complete and easy settings to schedule scans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Users have the option of allowing automatic updates of the application or checking for them as they see fit. More advanced users will also be satisfied with the optional settings which allow for scanning of only specified registry categories, or which drives and files to include or exclude in the scan.


When dealing with a computer’s registry, it’s very easy to make errors that can cause issues that dwarf the initial problem. With FIXIO PC Cleaner registry cleaner software, you can rest assured that any adverse consequences of an action can always be reversed so that no harm is done. The first level of protection is backing up the registry. You have the option to back up all registries, the recommend process for most of us, but experts can also choose to back up only the ones they deem necessary. The registry cleaner software also creates a system restore point, a Windows feature that can quickly return the computer configuration to a point in time when things were working well, or at least better. Restoring the system is then just a matter of selecting the desired checkpoint and clicking the FIXIO PC Cleaner’s "Restore From Point" button.

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FIXIO PC Cleaner registry cleaner software is easy enough to use that, under normal circumstances, we don’t believe that most users will need assistance. There’s always the possibility, however, that something will go wrong with an operation and the help of a pro will be needed. We were pleased to note that the manufacturer offers toll-free telephone assistance during the week. That’s a pretty unusual offering among registry cleaner software applications. Their website also contains a FAQs section that we found helpful in answering most questions. Neither email nor live chat assistance is offered; however, if only one option is available, we find the immediacy of phone support to be preferable.


Among registry cleaner applications, we’ve found FIXIO PC Cleaner to be one of the easiest to use. It can literally be installed and used by most people without consulting any instructions. Even taking full advantage of its numerous capabilities will be highly intuitive for most users. Despite its ease of use, advanced users also have plenty of options to satisfy their specialized needs. Its abilities to fully remove installed applications and to scan and repair the computer’s hard drives are also important plusses.

FIXIO PC Cleaner 1.1