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FrontLine Registry Cleaner 2 Review

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PROS / Frontline is extremely easy to navigate due to its simplistic design and one-click solutions.

CONS / The lack of issue-severity ratings and weak online support options leave us craving more.

 VERDICT / Frontline’s intuitive interface makes it easy to use, but the lack of severity rankings could cause some problems.

Editor's Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but TopTenREVIEWS is no longer updating this product's information.

FrontLine Registry Cleaner 2

Frontline Registry Cleaner is registry cleaner software designed specifically for cleaning and repairing a computer's cluttered registry. Its overall purpose is to make sure that unneeded registry files on your computer are removed to increase load times and overall computer speed. Frontline will search for and identify errors throughout your registry and automatically find a solution, which you can choose to apply or overlook. The user interface has a number of options located on the left-hand side of the application window, and others located along the top of the main window. The simple design is ideal if you simply want to clear out your registry without a lot of extra features to worry about.

A computer's registry needs to be constantly maintained if you require optimal performance from your machine. Frontline PC Utilities’ primary goal is to ensure that your registry performs at its best by analyzing and removing all unneeded files, shortcuts, paths and other information. Our initial scan produced outstanding results. Frontline Registry Cleaner found 3,472 errors and an additional 8GB of junk files throughout our test machine. Once the scan is complete, simply click the next button to view and select the files you want removed and you're done.

Like most registry cleaner software, Frontline is not able to remove all the files on the first pass, but after a few attempts, the registry is organized and ready for action. We were pleased to see that Frontline includes both the number of errors and the amount of memory containing junk files on your system.

When working with something that could potentially damage your computer, it's always a good idea to tread lightly. It's extremely important that the registry cleaner software you're using knows which files are needed and which can be removed or replaced. As an extra safety measure, Frontline Registry Cleaner backs up your computer's registry before any changes are made. This not only gives you a get out of jail free card, but it will also save you a lot of time and money in the long run. It is always a good idea to test a variety of files and other applications after the repair process to ensure that everything is working properly. If at any point you are not happy with the results, simply restore the latest backup and try the scan again.

Frontline Registry Cleaner does not display the severity of the issues it encounters and does not have an individual undo button, which would both be extremely helpful features. We would like to have seen an individual undo for minor changes and severity notifications for each issue to ensure the safety of your registry, but a full backup restore should do the job every time.

Frontline Registry Cleaner is one of the easiest registry cleaner software applications we reviewed. The software itself takes about two minutes to download and install, and once the installation is complete, simply click on the registration-required link and enter the PIN you received with your purchase. The entire process takes only a few minutes.

The interface is self-explanatory; every feature is well labeled, and most features include a one-click option that gets you on your way in seconds. It doesn’t matter if you're scheduling updates, adding files to your ignore list or simply scanning your registry, because the application takes you through each step and makes cleaning your registry simple.

Frontline PC Utilities keeps things very simple when it comes to getting help and support on its site or while using its product. A simple form that submits a ticket is the only way to contact this company. A representative will respond once they have evaluated your ticket and have an answer to your question. We would like to have seen a phone number or even a FAQs page to help answer some of the more common questions. Overall, we were not very impressed with the range of contact information or technical help Frontline provides.


Frontline Registry Cleaner appeals to non-tech-savvy consumers who simply want to keep their computers running fast or need to clean up their registries. The registry cleaner is by far the easiest to use of all the products we reviewed, and it runs the necessary scans in seconds. This application does lack some safety features, and support will take at least a few days to get back to you. Overall, Frontline is a simple registry cleaner that will scan and clean your computer's registry whenever you start the computer.

FrontLine Registry Cleaner 2