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PC Tools Registry Mechanic 11 Review

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PROS / Registry Mechanic offers a great registry cleaner with many extra diagnostic tools and an intuitive interface.

CONS / The scan results are well below the standard for testing.

 VERDICT / This is a quality registry cleaning application with plenty of extras.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but TopTenREVIEWS is no longer updating this product’s information.

PC Tools Registry Mechanic 11

Registry Mechanic is registry cleaner software designed to clean and optimize even the most cluttered and bogged down computers. The scan process is rather fast, but it missed a large portion of the issues on our test machine. We would like to have seen the scan take a little longer to complete and go further in depth. The software seemed to find the same number of issues every time, which is better than registry cleaners that find thousands of errors one time and practically nothing the next. The consistency is welcome and showed us that the software is finding actual issues. Like most registry cleaners, Registry Mechanic takes a complex process and makes it easy enough for even the most novice user.

This registry cleaner software is very similar to a well-oiled machine in many ways. It takes something disjointed and out of place – your computer's registry – and is able to put things back together in a way that every computer user can understand. The quick and easy-to-follow steps appeal to first-time users, and the advanced features will help experienced users understand what's going on behind the scenes. Not only does Registry Mechanic include a number of customizable features, but it also has one of the easier-to-navigate interfaces and self-explanatory tabs.

Registry cleaner software like Registry Mechanic is able to identify problems, tell you where they're located and even give you an understandable explanation of what's causing the issues. This registry cleaner not only is able to do all of this, but it also shows you all of the detailed information in one location. Alongside the basic registry cleaning tools, you will find a start-up menu manager, Windows optimization tool and additional privacy features. Unlike other applications, all of these added features are easy to use and either increase the speed of your computer or make it safe from future issues.

Registry Mechanic will automatically scan at startup if you choose, and then you can select some or all the registry errors found during the scans for repair. We found this registry cleaner software to be simple enough for beginners, yet customizable for professionals. The navigation is beautifully designed and intuitive. Even the restore features are easy to use. If your machine runs differently in any way after using Registry Mechanic, it is very easy to go back to one of the complete backup points or to restore specific data that was deleted. Advanced users will like the option to select specific keys. Beginners will like the ability to basically start over in case of an emergency.

This registry cleaner will also defragment your registry. Everything else shuts down while the registry analysis is going on, but it is worth the wait. This is always a good option since there is very little risk involved and there is a good chance that it will speed up your computer's performance. After compacting the registry and applying system tweaks, the reports indicated that we had increased the speed of our startups and shutdowns, but we noticed no great difference on our test computer. However, if the computer is running more efficiently, even imperceptibly, it is worth it.

Safety is critical to registry cleaner software. Registry Mechanic does a good job of identifying potential problems and letting you know which ones have the highest priority. The recovery tab leads to a restore window where you can select a point when the system registry was working at its best. The live update tool lets you get timely software upgrades automatically, which ensures the safety and security of your computer's registry.

Registry Mechanic offers an indication of each error’s severity. The value of these severity warnings is debatable. If you're an advanced user, you probably know which errors matter, and judging error severity can be a matter of opinion, but if you're a beginner, at least some indication of the potential damage associated with each error is appreciated.

Additional online protection is now available, which ensures that your information is wiped completely from your registry. Prying eyes have a way of finding your information and can destroy your life. This registry cleaner software will bleach free space and files to ensure that all your personal information is removed.

The help menu found in this registry cleaner is great. It offers instant access to a help manual through the convenient Help key. Online help options include easy access to the PC Tools Labs and a Windows Registry Guide, FAQs and email support.

The PC Tools forums offer a community that is great for beginners. It features inquiries with names like "please help" and "can’t install." Ask any and all questions in this section, and you will most likely see a response within a few days. For any moment of panic in your registry cleaning experience, there is a chat live option and telephone customer support. The Quick Start Guide is also quite handy. It gives basic explanations of every feature in plain English. The live chat option appears on the company's website shortly after you land on the homepage.


Registry Mechanic is an efficient, user-friendly application. It is very easy to install and spells out important information about the nature of each error, even color-coding them. There are plenty of ways for advanced users to customize the process, and plenty of ways to simplify it for less-experienced users. This registry cleaner's features are actually pretty useful and come with detailed instructions on how to use one. We would have liked to see a longer, more in-depth scan, considering the low number of issues the software found during our tests. However, the issues it found were errors that needed attention, and fixing them helped speed up our computer.

PC Tools Registry Mechanic 11