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SpeedZooka 4.6 Review

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PROS / SpeedZooka showed performance improvements that make it appear useful for sophisticated 64-bit systems.

CONS / Although the Advanced System Report provides insight into unresolved registry problems, you are required to select them individually in order to repair them yourself.

 VERDICT / SpeedZooka can repair and defrag your registry, and it provides advanced tools to help you through some of the greater registry challenges you may find.

The first thing we noticed about our Bronze Award winner for best registry cleaner software – SpeedZooka from ZookaWare – was that it does not come packaged with unnecessary add-ons. This is very unusual, even among top-raking programs. Installation aside, SpeedZooka’s best feature is that it provides access to some very interesting features for regular and power users alike. The DLL Scan checks your registry for broken and missing keys in your computer’s dynamic link library. These are shared operating files that allow programs to run compartmentalized, such as media that plays in your web browser. In our own testing, these were frequently ActiveX issues.

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  1. Amount of time to scan entire registry.
    Less is Better
  2. 3 SpeedZooka
    84 Seconds
  3. 37 Seconds
  4. 37 Seconds
  5. Category Average
    222.40 Seconds


While the overall performance improvements were not dramatic, our benchmarking computer did show a 1.6% improvement in system performance. This score was compiled from four metrics, but mostly along the Whetstone Double Native and Float/Double Native indices. Using the more practical Dhrystone Integer Native metric, this PC cleaner software only reflected a 0.19% performance improvement, which is not much. SpeedZooka had a longer scanning time than about half of the cleaners we reviewed. It took 84 seconds to find 454 issues in our registry. That’s more than twice the time it took for the two top performers to find more issues, but it still did the job.

Other features designed to provide system performance improvements include a registry defragmenter, DLL scanner and an Advanced System Report that provides detailed troubleshooting information about your computer. You can make individual fixes from this report, with the help of the information button that explains the function of each registry value along with a description of the potential error, but it is mostly intended for when you are working with ZookaWare customer support agents. There’s even a button on the report for you to forward the information to them.


The registry on the current Windows Operating System is mostly self-sufficient, meaning you should not have to modify it whatsoever. Much of this has to do with developers fighting piracy by creating software that does not affect changes to your system registry. If for some reason you do need to make changes, SpeedZooka can help you recover from what could be a disastrous mistake because it has a full-registry backup tool along with restore functionality.

Another interesting feature here is the Ignore Keys list. If for some reason you happen to be running software that triggers warnings from SpeedZooka, you can add it to this list. However, be aware that software that does this frequently has embedded malicious code designed to redirect browsers or report user information back to a remote host, so it's best not to use the Ignore list if you don't have to. However, the feature is available if you need it. It works on a principle similar to a keyword search in that it will ignore keys that include those keywords in their name.

Registry Cleaning Items

This software is capable of identifying and removing invalid keys to create a modicum of performance improvement. It does scan for the usual suspects, such as shared DLLs, COM and ActiveX files to name a few. It also checks for hidden traces of installed software. However, it does not scan for duplicate values or spyware.

As was the case with most of the registry cleaners we tested, shared DLLs, COM and ActiveX files were the bigger finds, but these are normally files that are downloaded for single use with a particular website or are used with multiple applications or sites. You will likely have to download these again, and you will know it when you go to your favorite social media site or elsewhere and have to log in again.

Help & Support

SpeedZooka easily has the best help and support options available. The Advanced System Report allows you to share your information directly with customer support. This allows representatives to customize their approach to repairing your registry. This works well in conjunction with the live chat and 24/7 telephone support for U.S. customers. You can also read the online FAQs page for quick reference to common issues among users.


SpeedZooka is an easy-to-use registry optimizer with acceptable safety features and technical support options. The fact that it's free of bloatware and has detailed reporting options mean it can it go a long way towards helping you manage the more intricate details of your Windows registry.

SpeedZooka 4.6 Visit Site