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Registry Repair Software Reviews

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Registry Repair Software Review

Why Use Registry Repair Software?

Out of the box, a new computer works perfect. In many ways it’s just better than your old computer, but its performance may change as time goes on. This happens because for a variety of reasons central to how you personalize your computer. It’s less about intentionally installed software as it used to be and more about user settings, hardware changes and malware. Managing these changes does not require the best registry repair software for your computer to have a long, healthy and happy life.

Your computer’s registry is the central point of the Windows operating system. In those early days of the internet, there were drivers and other tools that worked on the level of a web page’s HTML where an embedded tag would prompt the downloading of an element that wasn’t always safe. The frameworks were open source and unverifiable, therefore open to corruption by anyone that could string together a code.

Microsoft addressed the issue by requiring digital signatures and declarations from third-party developers while adding default security settings to the Windows operating system and adding a blacklist of bad controllers to Internet Explorer. For many reasons, the time for finding the best registry repair software has passed. Microsoft now recommends that you allow Windows programs to modify the system registry as needed, and that you not attempt to edit the registry yourself.

The problem here of course is that not all software uninstalls correctly and new utility software often comes with bloatware. These are programs you never wanted. A popular multimedia player and a frequently updated programming language are 2 such examples that come to mind when considering programs that install unwanted software Often times these are most frustrating because they imbed themselves in your registry and continue to negatively affect the performance of your computer even after removing them with their own uninstaller programs. Registry repair software is designed to fix problems like these by scanning your computer’s registry and repairing errors, but properly removing them with the Windows Uninstaller should too.

Be sure to take a look at what we learned about our top three winners: RegClean Pro, Advanced SystemCare PRO and SpeedZooka before deciding which is best for your computers. You can also learn more about registry repair software by reading our Learning Center articles.

Registry Repair Software: How We Tested, What We Found

Performance enhancing software is the desire for gamers, power and regular users alike and it is on this assumption that we tested these brands. To understand this we of course had to learn about what caused poor performance in the first place. We learned that most concerns about registry integrity are sourced in the early days of COM-based and ActiveX application insecurities despite Microsoft having made dramatic changes in how the registry works. The modern registry is almost entirely self-sufficient and mostly reserved for system settings and user access controls. Third-party software that once relied on the Windows registry for settings and behavior controls have migrated to newer frameworks.

Our test computers are perhaps one of the best places to test performance improvement software. In 2014 alone, Top Ten Reviews staff installed, tested and mostly uninstalled 787 programs on our lab computers. Though battle-scarred, these are healthy machines for the most part. In each case we benchmarked the computer before backing up the registry. The computer was then scanned and the registry repaired before being benchmarked again. This enabled us to get a clear picture of performance changes. An earlier benchmark also showed that we could expect as much as a +/- 1.07% variance in day-to-day performance without the computer even being used.

What we found was not what we expected. Of the original 14 products previously listed on Registry Repair Software Review, we found that one product was no longer available and we identified another as being more dangerous than useful. Two others just didn’t make the cut. From the 10 products we tested, only 3 showed performance improvements over our test computer’s 1.07% variance. Three others also showed net negative performance changes beyond that same variance with one being more damaging than the best one was helpful.

What Else is Important in Selecting Registry Repair Software?

An acceptable registry optimizer software will simplify the process of maintaining your system's registry. Registry repair software offers powerful performance, safety, registry cleaning items and help and support, which are attributes we focus on when ranking the registry reviver programs.

“Where the rubber meets the road” is an engineering euphemism meaning design does not matter more than performance, and improved performance is the reason for tuning up your PC. In our testing we found several registry optimizers that identified a large number of registry errors, but few that provided marked performance improvements. Unfortunately our top selections shares a lot of characteristics with bottom selections, however we were able to track actual performance and make that our key indicator.

Incorrectly editing your registry can be fatal to your PC, and while reinstalling your operating system may be the best way to resolve your registry issues, it’s not the best use of your time. At the very least you need a registry repair utility that backs up your registry before it makes any changes. Added features that can help include exclusion listings that allow you to keep that torrented software that never ran right, and an Undo option that lets you fix those individual keys that you missed.

Registry Cleaning Items
The registry error items the registry optimizer scans are searching for is very important. We recommend you find a registry reviver program that checks for: invalid shared and known DLLs; invalid help files; Com and ActiveX; Sound and AppEvents; invalid class keys; application paths; invalid fonts; shared folders; spyware; invalid CLSID, typelib and interface entries; hidden traces of installed software; and shell extensions. The software should also remove duplicate files, fix and remove corrupt files and delete entry registry keys.

Help & Support
You never know when problems, questions or concerns will arise when you're using a new application. Top-notch registry repair manufacturers make resources available online, such as FAQs for common issues and live chat, and phone support for more complicated questions. Email support is standard for all the products we reviewed.

Registry Repair Software: Our Verdict and Recommendations

Pc tune up utilities can take a seemingly complicated task and make it appear safer by providing registry backup functionality while also making slight performance changes. Our testing however revealed that this is not always the case with registry repair software. We had just as many applications improve performance as we did that actually made it worse, and nearly half made no remarkable changes at all. The top rated RegClean Pro only improved performance by 4.74%, but came with unwanted installers that reappeared whenever the program updated. The second-rated Advanced SystemCare PRO did offer a 5.31% performance improvement, but also came bloated. It wasn’t until our Bronze Award winner, SpeedZooka that we saw a very modest 1.60% improvement without unsolicited add-ons.

While we do recommend against installing a registry repair utility, you may in fact have a particular need for one. In that case, you will want one that delivers on its promise of improved performance by managing Windows’ modest set of power user tools on a unified interface. We have provided you with these registry repair reviews to help you find that solution for your PC. The right registry software will do the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to clean and repair your registry with confidence.