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Pros / Advanced Registry Doctor Pro has an individual undo tool to help you recover from disastrous registry changes without restarting your computer.

Cons / It only improved our test computer’s performance by 2.1 percent overall, which isn’t enough to be noticeable.

 Verdict / Advanced Registry Doctor Pro has some solid tools and safety features, but its overall effect on computer performance is insignificant.

Developed by Elcor Software, Advanced Registry Doctor Pro is a registry repair app designed to diagnose and fix registry issues on your PC. The software gives you multiple scanning options: a Smart Scan, which performs a deep registry scan; a Quick Scan, which checks your system for common problems; and a customizable scan, which allows you to configure the areas of the registry you wish to check. However, after scanning our test machine and fixing all the errors the software found, the performance improvement was minimal.

We tested each registry repair software in our review on a very old and very slow computer. We created a restore point and backed up the original registry database, allowing us to restore the registry after testing each program. After installing the registry repair tool, we scanned the computer and fixed all the errors it found. We then used performance benchmarking software to see if the computer’s word and data processing, graphics processing, web browsing speed, and video chat quality improved over the computer’s baseline benchmark results.

While some apps we tested found thousands of registry errors, Advanced Registry Doctor Pro diagnosed just 410. After fixing the errors, we found that this app only improved computer performance by 2.1 percent. Not only is this below average, but it’s also insignificant. Word and data processing improved by 3.3 percent and graphics processing improved by 0.6 percent, but web browsing speed decreased by 1.4 percent and video chat quality degraded by 0.4 percent.

Advanced Registry Doctor Pro received a B grade for ease of use. This is one of the lower ease of use grades in our review, and the software earned it largely because the interface has a slight learning curve. Overall though, it’s still an easy app to use, and there are few steps in the scan and fix processes.

This registry repair app has both a registry defrag tool and a compression tool, which are not included with all registry scanners – most programs only have one or the other. The registry defrag tool shows a progress screen, which not all registry repair apps have. It’s a nice touch since the analysis scan can be lengthy. The defrag results screen provides detailed information about the fragmentation of your system's registry.

Advanced Registry Doctor Pro has a registry backup and restore tool to protect your system data against user-created registry errors. The software also has an individual undo tool you can use to reverse individual errors without going through the process of restoring the entire registry via the Windows System Restore tool.


Advanced Registry Doctor Pro has advanced cleaning and repair tools. The inclusion of both a defrag tool and compression tool is unusual, and the backup and undo features provide a measure of security as you work with your registry. However, with an overall improvement of just 2.1 percent, this registry repair app made no discernable difference in the performance of our test computer.

Advanced Registry Doctor Pro Visit Site