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ARO 2012 Review

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PROS / This registry repair software looks through 13 different areas of the registry for issues.

CONS / ARO does not indicate the severity level of the registry errors it finds.

 VERDICT / ARO provides the features, safety tools, scan results and simplicity you need to improve your computer’s performance.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

ARO 2012

ARO is powerful registry repair software that helps you clean and repair your computer's registry. This application provides a handful of registry-cleaning tools, along with software-cleaning tools, to ensure that your computer runs both smoothly and quickly. ARO provides a large selection of features to make cleaning applications a much easier process. The software also provides strong safety tools so you can have peace of mind as you work deep within your computer’s registry.


This registry repair software is powerful. During our test scan, this application found 286 errors within 180 seconds. During the scan, ARO looked heavily at 13 different areas of the registry. These include the fonts, history lists, software sounds, application paths and more. However, it does not check for shell extensions.

ARO also provides a handful of application-cleaning tools that can improve your computer’s overall performance. This software will scan several junk categories, including shortcuts, temporary files, thumbnails, log files and recent documents. It will also help you clear internet files and gives you a complete web-browser cleanup. This is a standout feature that helps you delete any personal or private information that may contain such things as internet passwords and financial information.

Convenience Features

ARO received full marks for its large selection of features. This application features a startup manager that helps you go through the applications that run at startup to decide which ones are necessary and which ones are slowing down the boot-up time of your computer. You also have access to ignore lists, which allow you to choose specific files you do not wish the application to scan.

A scheduler tool is a basic feature included with this registry repair software that allows you to set specific times for scans to occur. You can set these scans to occur during times when the computer is not in use. There is also an optimization tool that will take care of updating your computer and cleaning out unnecessary files. It will also make sure that your computer is working properly with its updated software.

This application features full backup and restore capabilities to ensure that your computer and your data are safe if mistakes are made. There is also a registry-defrag tool that helps you keep your registry organized to improve its performance. Defragging your registry can be scary, but ARO helps you through the process and makes an often-daunting task simple.

Additional Utilities

When working within your computer’s registry, mistakes happen and your computer could crash. Luckily, ARO offers a variety of safety tools to keep your data and your computer safe. There is an individual undo tool that allows you to restore specific changes you accidently made. You also are notified of any software updates before they occur. Our greatest disappointment with this registry repair software is that it does not tell you the severity of errors it finds in the registry. This would be a helpful tool that would let you know if errors need to be fixed immediately or if they are better left alone. The lack of this tool is one of the greatest drawbacks we found to ARO.

Help & Support

ARO excels with its easy-to-use interface. This application is not complicated or difficult to understand. The features and tools are divided on five different tabs that are located on the top of the screen. Each of these tabs provide a handful of features and will walk you through each process so you are never left confused and wondering what to do next. The simplified interface is excellent for beginners, but advanced users will also benefit from the easy navigation.


ARO is a solid choice for registry repair software. This application will give you the performance you need to get your computer running faster and much smoother. We are pleased with the large number of features and tools this application provides. Its user-friendly interface is another definite advantage. If you are looking for a tool to make your computer run like new again, ARO is an excellent option.

ARO 2012