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Advanced System Optimizer 3 Review

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PROS / This registry repair software provides a large selection of both registry and software cleaning tools.

CONS / Advanced System Optimizer does not indicate the severity of the issues it discovers.

 VERDICT / Its easy-to-use interface, extensive feature set and powerful performance makes Advanced System Optimizer the best registry repair application available.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Advanced System Optimizer 3

Constant cleaning and maintenance are crucial for our computers to maintain optimal performance. Advanced System Optimizer is a powerful tool for keeping your computer working at its best. This application is actually a full PC utilities suite, but it features a registry repair component that is excellent and beats out the competition.

Advanced System Optimizer’s scanning capabilities find errors that cause slowing and performance issues. It also provides outstanding application-cleaning and registry-cleaning capabilities, so few errors can slide by in the registry unnoticed. It is also very simple to use, so even those who are not completely comfortable with or are new to cleaning and repairing a computer’s registry will be able to easily clean and repair their machines using this application.


Advanced System Optimizer received full marks for the overall performance it provides. During our test scan, this registry repair software found 96 registry errors within 180 seconds. Advanced System Optimizer carefully looks at a long list of errors that could occur in the registry. This list includes invalid DLLs, help files and fonts. It also checks for shared folders, duplicate files, empty registry keys and more. The long list of specific registry cleaning tools offered gives reassurance that most errors that may be bogging down your registry are found and taken care of.

Not only does Advanced System Optimizer check for registry-specific errors, but it also checks the entire system as well. It scans for invalid application shortcuts, along with junk and obsolete files, uninstall information and more. It also helps you clean up your internet activity and internet settings, which is particularly useful for keeping internet passwords safe and avoiding any privacy intrusions.

Convenience Features

Advanced System Optimizer has a long list of features and registry-repair tools to help improve your registry. This registry repair software offers extensive backup capabilities. It will automatically create a partial backup before making any change, so if a mistake accidently happens within the registry, you can undo the change and restore your entire system to its previous state. Advanced System Optimizer also offers individual undo capabilities, which allows you to make specific changes within the registry.

This application offers a registry defrag tool that helps get rid of fragments in your registry to increase the speed and performance of your PC. This application also features exporting and importing capabilities, which allows you to save information in your registry as a text file and import to or export it from the registry.

An undelete tool is available that recovers data which was accidently deleted on your PC. A secure delete tool is also offered, which permanently deletes data that you do not want to be recovered, such as any personal or financial documents.

A startup manager is one of the standout features available with Advanced System Optimizer. This tool allows you to go through all the applications that launch at startup to decide which ones are necessary and which ones are slowing down your boot-up time. A scheduler is also available, which allows you to set specific times for scans to take place.

Additional Utilities

Safety needs to be a priority when you're working within your registry, and Advanced System Optimizer offers a few features to ensure that you are protected. The application will alert you before it makes any updates or changes to your registry. You will always be in complete control of everything this registry repair software does, along with all of its features. However, we are very disappointed that this software does not indicate the severity of each issue it finds. This is a valuable tool that would help you understand if an issue is worth making a change to your registry or if it is better to leave it alone. The lack of this feature is our greatest complaint with this product.

Help & Support

Advanced System Optimizer also receives full marks for its easy-to-use interface. This registry repair software has a simple interface, which we were pleased to see, especially with so many features and tools available. This application's main menu is located along the left-hand side of the screen, and each category features a small submenu filled with individual features and tools. Each feature has a small description below the icon to let you know what it does and why it is important. It also shows you statistics about the last time the feature was used and what issues it found.


Advanced System Optimizer is a registry repair application that is difficult to beat. With its outstanding performance, large feature set and simple interface, there is much you can benefit from. We are very impressed with this application’s large feature set and all of the additional tools it includes. It also considers every aspect of your system and ensures that it is well taken care of. With Advanced System Optimizer, you receive the best registry repair application that will not disappoint you.

Advanced System Optimizer 3