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Advanced SystemCare PRO 8.1 Review

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PROS / Advanced SystemCare PRO gave us the best performance improvements of any registry repair software we reviewed.

CONS / The Game Booster GameBox crashed our test computer.

 VERDICT / Advanced SystemCare PRO automatically backs up your registry before each change, which will help you undo any otherwise catastrophic errors.

Editor's note: There is a new version of this software available. We reviewed version 8.1, but version 9 is the latest. We will evaluate, rank and review version 9 of this product when we next update the Registry Repair Software reviews.

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Advanced SystemCare PRO is the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner for best registry repair software. The interface is a simple design, and the program offers comprehensive system optimization features. The registry scan speed was well within our preferred range, and the cleaner increased the overall performance of our test computer by 5.31%.

  1. Amount of time to scan entire registry.
    Seconds (Less is Better)
  2. 2 Advanced SystemCare PRO
    37 Seconds
  3. 37 Seconds
  4. 84 Seconds
  5. Category Average
    222.40 Seconds

This PC tune-up software delivered the greatest performance improvements when compared to other cleaners in our registry repair reviews. We were, however, disappointed in a few of the supporting areas. While Advanced SystemCare PRO does automate registry backups for you, these appear to be event related. You simply cannot manually initiate a backup. The Restore feature is also nested in the Registry Cleaner page, and you will have to click through a splash screen to get there. The functionality exists, but it’s just not very convenient.


In our testing, the Advanced SystemCare PRO Registry Cleaner application gave us the best performance improvement over the competition. Our test computer’s native integer Dhrystone score went up by a full 12.31%, which suggests this registry repair software will fare better on average, everyday computers rather than on high-end or customized systems. However, its aggregate performance only showed a 5.31% increase when the negative Whetstone scores were factored in.

The software's Turbo Boost feature is prominently featured on one tab, and inside is a simple on/off switch. When activated it reported stopping 12 applications and releasing 121.53MB of RAM on our test computer. However, we saw no reasonable change in the computer's performance – perhaps because these numbers are so small.

For the more specialized computer users, Advanced SystemCare PRO has a Game Booster feature designed to optimize your PC for more responsive gameplay. On activating this feature, however, we suffered the greatest drop in our Dhrystone score with -4.61%. Our composite Whetstone score fell to -4.77%. While the Game Booster works by shutting off and locking down a few always-on features, it didn’t really seem to enable improved performance. We assumed, then, that to truly experience the benefits of this feature, we needed to launch a game through the Game Booster, GameBox. It was here that we ran into another issue. The GameBox did come with an HTML-based game that played well in our browser, but when we attempted to load a program-based game, our test computer crashed. While this secondary crashing behavior is distressing, we can speculate that it’s related to our test computer's performance losses.


The Advanced SystemCare PRO scan tool lets you choose between scanning single or multiple registry items. A Deep Scan option is also available, but it is not checked by default, although all other options are. While you can't manually initiate a registry backup, the software automatically creates a registry backup every time you make changes to the registry. This includes when you use the registry defrag tool, which is a popular feature included in other registry repair software brands.

This level of control with automated backup functionality makes Advanced SystemCare PRO somewhat an ideal registry utility for people just learning or experimenting with registry editing. It’s also good as a centralized interface for seasoned users wanting to scan particular areas while keeping others.

Registry Cleaning Items

Advanced SystemCare PRO, like other registry optimizer programs, will scan for specific registry errors. Advanced SystemCare PRO scans your computer for invalid shared and known DLLs, invalid help files, COM and ActiveX objects, sound and app events, invalid class keys, application paths, invalid fonts, spyware and shell extensions. It also removes duplicate files, checks shared folders, and fixes and removes corrupt files. That is 12 out of the 15 scan criteria we were looking for among the registry repair software we tested.

The software doesn't check for invalid CLSID & Typelib and interface entries, delete empty registry keys or check for hidden traces of installed software. These registry cleaning items are found on different software we reviewed.

Help & Support

Advanced SystemCare comes with a single software license, which is standard among most registry repair software. The software comes loaded with bloatware, beginning with installation where it tries installing Drive Booster 2. There is more bloat listed in the program that won’t be unlocked until you purchase them, but it will automatically begin downloading if clicked.

Iobit includes phone support for Advanced SystemCare PRO, which is a support feature found with the better registry scanners. Iobit also has a FAQs page on its website, which is very good for helping you find quick answers to common problems other users have had with the software. Iobit doesn’t offer a live chat feature on its website, but you can get email support through a form submission page on the company's website.


Advanced SystemCare PRO is responsible for some of the more significant performance improvement on our testing computer, but it's also the highest-ranking registry repair software to crash our computer. This registry repair software works well to give you access to tools and features related to your Windows registry. However, the backup software is not as robust as some users might want.

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