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Advanced SystemCare PRO Review

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PROS / It’s loaded with optimization utilities that other registry repair apps don’t have.

CONS / It didn’t improve our test computer’s performance.

 VERDICT / Despite Advanced SystemCare PRO’s claim that it can make your PC 300 percent faster, it actually made our test PC slower.

Iobit claims you’ll “enjoy [a] 300 percent faster PC” after using Advanced SystemCare PRO. Such absurd claims are not uncommon in the registry repair software industry. Unfortunately, this registry repair software failed to meet its impossible promises. In fact, it posted an overall negative impact on our test PC. It also has a way of taking over your computer so almost everything you do is filtered through it in some way, which doesn’t improve the overall experience.

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Registry repair software’s sole purpose is to improve computer performance by ensuring the Windows registry database is efficiently organized. We tested each registry repair app on a seven-year-old, painfully slow computer. We optimized the registry and then ran performance benchmarking software to see if the registry repair program made any significant impact. The benchmarking software measured word and data processing, graphics processing, web browsing speed, and video chat quality. By combining the percentage increase or decrease in performance in these areas, we were able to determine the overall performance improvement. Unfortunately, none of the products in our review significantly improved our PC’s performance.

Advanced SystemCare PRO actually caused an overall decrease in performance. After optimizing the registry, the program made our test computer slower by 1 percent, despite improving graphics processing by 3 percent and video chat quality by 1.2 percent. The minor overall decrease doesn’t quite reflect the program’s actual total effect. Word- and data-processing performance decreased by 33.5 percent, which is very noticeable. Word and data processing is perhaps the most important indicator of a computer’s performance, as it reflects the very basic ability to process data.

The huge deficit in data processing was almost balanced out by a 29.2 percent improved web browsing speed. As is usually the case with registry optimization software, gains in one area typically mean losses in another. Advanced SystemCare PRO has significant internet optimizing tools, so if you’re internet is frustrating slow, it can help. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that your computer will slow in other ways.

Advanced SystemCare PRO is much more than a registry repair app. In fact, registry repair is just one of the many functions it performs. It is by far the most versatile suite of utility tools in our review. It has tools that can tighten your PC’s security, optimize your computer for gaming and improve boot-up speeds.

One downside of this umbrella of features is that the software makes itself one of your PC’s most prominent features, and it doesn’t give you the option to scale back the reach. It automatically imbeds itself into the Windows taskbar, and it installs a widget in the upper right corner of your monitor that gives you real-time updates about your CPU and RAM usage. Also, pop-up ads for other Iobit software interrupt your normal activities. While some users may find value in these extra features, they quickly become a nuisance and clearly slow down the computer.


Advanced SystemCare PRO makes bold claims about improving your slow computer, but it failed to back up those claims in our tests. While it improved web browsing speed by almost 30 percent, graphics processing by 3 percent and video chat quality by 1.2 percent, word- and data-processing speeds decreased by a staggering 33.5 percent, which resulted in an overall decrease in performance of 1 percent. The app has an impressive suite of system optimization tools, but it takes over your computer, making it more of an annoyance than a help.

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