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Pros / It improved the word and data processing performance on our test computer by 7.6 percent.

Cons / The registry errors aren’t assigned priority levels.

 Verdict / WinOptimizer is a large suite of utility software that improved our test computer’s performance by 5.27 percent overall. While this is too insignificant to be noticeable, it was the second best improvement in our review.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Ashampoo’s WinOptimizer is much more than a registry repair app – it’s a suite of Windows optimizing software. Registry repair is just one of the program’s functions. It has over 30 tools for optimizing your computer’s performance. While our review focuses primarily on the registry repair module, this app is definitely the most robust in our lineup. However, while it produced the second-highest overall improvement to our test computer, the gains weren’t significant. Still, WinOptimizer earns the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for best registry repair software.


Since registry repair software is designed to boost your PC’s performance by optimizing the Windows registry database, we tested each app on a seven-year-old computer that is frustratingly slow. Before installing the apps, we used performance benchmarking software to find the computer’s baseline performance in word and data processing, graphics processing, web browsing speed, and video chat quality. We then installed the registry repair program and scanned the hard drive for registry issues. After optimizing the registry, we ran the benchmarking software again to see if improvements were made. After testing all the products, we found that while many produced improvements, none of the programs made a significant impact on the computer’s performance.

WinOptimizer found 1,604 registry issues in our tests. After fixing the errors, our test computer’s overall performance improved by 5.27 percent – the second-highest overall improvement in our tests. However, this doesn’t tell the whole story. While the app improved word and data processing by 7.6 percent, which was the highest improvement made in that category in our tests, performance in every other category actually got worse, albeit insignificantly. Graphics processing decreased by 0.4 percent, web browsing speed decreased by 1.73 percent, and video chat quality decreased by 0.20 percent.

Convenience Features

WinOptimizer received an A grade for ease of use, which is pretty standard for registry repair software because these apps are designed for novice users. You can scan and repair errors in as few as two steps. The software includes a registry backup and system restore feature, so you can roll back any changes in case “fixing” the registry has negative consequences. The app also has a scheduler, which allows you to run it on your schedule.

The one convenience feature WinOptimizer is missing is error prioritizing. Most registry repair apps assign a priority level to each diagnosed registry error. This provides context for each issue and allows you to make decisions based on how much it impacts performance. WinOptimizer simply lists the number of errors. However, this is a relatively minor omission, unless you have a great deal of experience with registry errors.

Additional Utilities

As mentioned earlier, WinOptimizer is a suite of utility software, and registry repair is just one of over 30 tools. Most of the software in our review focus primarily on registry repair. However, as was made clear in our tests, optimizing the registry only makes minor improvements, so additional utilities add value.

WinOptimizer has many tools to optimize performance beyond the registry. In addition to a startup optimizer, which improves boot-up speeds, it has tools to clean out junk files, clear caches, optimize RAM and maximize your privacy. You can use it to create restore points, defrag your hard drive, uninstall software, remove duplicate files, delete internet traces and optimize your web browsing. You can also encrypt files, shred files, split files and restore deleted files. This is easily the most versatile app in our review.

Help & Support

Ashampoo’s support is disappointing. You can contact the support team by submitting a help ticket, but you can’t reach the company by phone or live chat. You also can’t access a user manual online, and while there are videos on the website, they are more for marketing than to teach you about how to use the product.


WinOptimizer is a suite of utility software that features a registry repair module. In our tests, it showed that it could improve our slow test computer by 5.27 percent, which was the second-best overall improvement in our review. However, this still isn’t significant enough to be noticeable. Still, WinOptimizer has over 30 additional optimizing tools to help your PC run smoother.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer Visit Site