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MAXpc Review

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PROS / MAXpc features six scanning options that look for areas on your entire machine that could use improvements. It also searches for hidden malware that might be installed in your computer's registry, which is not something that every registry cleaning application does.

CONS / This application lacks many safety features, including an individual undo tool and a problem severity indicator.

 VERDICT / MAXpc provides tools that both beginning and advanced users will enjoy, but it also lacks many features that would provide better results.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.


Your registry needs occasional cleaning and repairing like other crucial areas of your computer. MAXpc provides tools that make this maintenance process simple, effective and worthwhile. MAXpc is a registry-repair tool with features that both beginners and advanced users will benefit from. This is not the best registry repair application on the market today. It lacks several of the standout features that other software packages provide, but MAXpc still does a good job at optimizing your computer’s performance and increasing its speed.

MAXpc consists of six different scanning options. These six options include a registry cleaner, system cleaner, privacy protector, registry optimizer, driver updater and disk optimizer. Each scan finds the most effective way to improve your computer’s performance.

This registry repair application provides a number of registry-cleaning tools to find any significant errors that may be slowing down the registry. A few of these tools check for invalid help files, fonts and DLLs. MAXpc also looks for hidden software that may be installed in the registry and checks shared folders.

Safety needs to be a concern when you're working within your computer's registry because one little mistake could cause extensive damage to your entire machine. This registry repair application provides a few safety tools to help prevent a disaster from happening to you. MAXpc will back up your system before making any changes in your registry. It provides a log of the scan results, and MAXpc will not make any updates without your consent.

However, we are disappointed with the safety features available in application. There is no individual undo tool, which would allow you to undo a specific change instead of restoring the entire registry to its previous state. Also, there is no severity indicator for all of the errors it finds. This means that if you are not familiar with your registry, you may not know which errors require your immediate attention and which ones should be left alone.

MAXpc features a user-friendly interface with simple navigation. You can make repairs to correct the errors the software finds during scans with just one click of the mouse, and all processes feature step-by-step guidance. There are also explanations for most of the features so that you know exactly what each tool does, which means that you can find what tools you are looking for more easily.

If you have questions or concerns regarding MAXpc, you can contact a representative by email, telephone or live chat. There is also a FAQs section on the website that gives you additional information and assistance.


MAXpc has several areas where improvements could be made, but overall, this application will get your computer working at its best in no time. The six scanning options give you cleaning and maintaining capabilities for your entire system. The easy-to-use interface makes it enjoyable to use, and the feature set makes this a solid option for beginners and advanced users alike.