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PC Tune-Up Review

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PROS / It has a startup optimizer to boost your boot-up speed.

CONS / Fixing the registry didn’t provide a significant boost in our test computer’s performance.

 VERDICT / PC Tune-Up is a good tool for managing your registry, but you shouldn’t expect your computer’s performance to improve significantly.

Large Software’s PC Tune-Up is a registry optimizer that claims to boost your PC’s performance. This registry repair app has a simple interface that guides you through the process, but it also features an expert mode so advanced users can access the tools they need. While it improved our test computer’s performance, the change was too minimal to be noticeable.

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Every registry repair software we reviewed makes some type of promise to boost your computer’s performance. We tested their claims using a seven-year-old, frustratingly slow computer. Before installing any of the registry repair apps, we used benchmarking software to measure the computer’s baseline performance. We then used the registry optimizing app to scan and fix the registry. After repairing the registry, we ran the performance benchmarking software again to see if improvements were made. We rolled back the computer to its original state after each test so each app scanned the same, unfixed registry database.

After finding and fixing 753 registry issues in our tests, PC Tune-Up improved our computer’s overall performance by 3.58 percent. However, this isn’t significant enough to be noticeable without benchmarking software. In addition, it doesn’t reflect the whole story. While word and data processing improved by 6.3 percent, web browsing speed decreased by 1.5 percent, graphics processing decreased by 1.2 percent and video chat quality decreased by 0.02 percent. This reflects a trend with registry repair apps – when basic word and data processing performance improves, every other aspect of performance worsens. In either direction, the changes PC Tune-Up made were so minimal that they were unnoticeable.

While every registry repair app in our comparison is easy to use, PC Tune-Up is exceptionally intuitive. The homepage shows you the steps in the process so you know exactly what to expect. However, there is also an expert mode that has more advanced features.

As with the best registry repair software, PC Tune-Up backs up your computer’s registry and system settings before fixing any errors. This is essential because making changes to your registry can cause major problems. Having a backup allows you to restore the old registry, essentially reversing any damage. You can then find the registry error that caused the issue and exclude it from future scans.

The software’s best feature is its startup optimizer. This additional tool lets you exclude programs from the startup menu. With fewer programs launching at startup, your computer can boot up faster. Unlike the registry repair tools, this one can actually make your boot-up speed significantly faster. However, you can achieve the same results by searching for msconfig.exe in your Windows search bar, clicking on the Startup tab and deselecting the programs you don’t want to launch at startup.


PC Tune-Up is registry optimizing software that’s best used as a tool to manage your registry. While it did improve our test computer’s performance by 3.58 percent overall, the change was not significant enough to be noticeable. In fact, performance decreased in all areas except basic word and data processing. Still, it is among the easiest registry repair apps to use and comes with a variety of backup and restore features for your registry.

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