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RegClean Pro Review

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PROS / It has a startup optimizer.

CONS / The 1.1 percent improvement it produced on our test computer is insignificant.

 VERDICT / RegClean Pro is a very intuitive registry repair app with a lot of tools, but the improvements to our test computer were unimpressive.

Systweak’s registry repair app, RegClean Pro, promises to improve your PC’s performance by removing registry errors and optimizing your Windows registry database. By all accounts, it delivered on that promise. However, our tests found that the improvement was insignificant at best and troubling at worst.

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The best registry repair programs claim to improve your PC’s performance by optimizing your computer’s registry database. To test this, we used benchmarking software to measure the baseline performance on a seven-year-old, painfully slow computer. The software measured word and data processing, graphics processing, web browsing speed, and video chat quality. We then used the registry repair software to fix the registry before running the benchmark software again. Unfortunately, RegClean Pro didn’t impress.

RegClean Pro diagnosed and fixed 2,217 issues but only improved our test computer’s performance by 1.11 percent overall. While this is a positive improvement by definition, it’s too insignificant to be noticeable. The computer’s word and data processing improved by 4.12 percent, but performance in all other areas fell: Graphics processing decreased by 0.22 percent, web browsing by 2.6 percent and video chat quality by 0.19 percent. Still, even the negative results are too insignificant to produce noticeable effects – to be significant and noticeable, performance needs to change by about 15 percent.

It’s important to use PC tune up software that protects your computer from potential fatal registry errors. RegClean Pro has multiple levels of protection you can use while it cleans and repairs the registry. You can create full and partial registry backups before you begin so you can restore the existing registry should anything go fatally wrong. While the program backs up, the system goes to a very simple progress screen that doesn't indicate how long the process will take, which can be confusing.

RegClean Pro also has an exclusion list that lets you skip sensitive files you don't want to scan. In addition, there is a Scan Areas menu in the settings tab that lets you select which sections of your computer you want the software to scan. Both of these functions help you protect parts of your system that either you or an installed software modified.

One of the program’s best features is the startup optimizer utility. With this tool, you can choose which programs start every time you boot up your computer so your PC doesn’t spend time automatically loading unnecessary apps. Unlike the registry repair tool, the startup optimizer can significantly improve the startup speed. Of course, you don’t need software to do this – you can do it yourself by searching for msconfig.exe in the Windows search bar. That said, you might find that the startup optimizer tool in RegClean Pro is easier to use.


In our tests, RegClean Pro produced insignificant improvements. While word and data processing improved by over 4 percent, every other aspect of performance was negatively affected. This resulted in an overall improvement of just 1.11 percent, which isn’t noticeable. Still, the app is very easy to use.

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