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Registry Reviver Review

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PROS / It improved our computer by 3.72 percent overall.

CONS / Web browsing speed decreased by 1.7 percent.

 VERDICT / Registry Reviver is easy to use and has additional tools that go beyond basic registry maintenance, but the overall effect it has on computer performance is minimal.

ReviverSoft’s Registry Reviver uses proprietary algorithms to scan your computer’s registry database for errors with the goal of safely optimizing your PC so it runs faster. While it’s a very easy registry repair app to use and our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner, the improvements it made to our old, slow computer were minimal. As such, Registry Reviver is better used as a maintenance tool than a go-to cure for a slow computer.

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To see if the registry repair programs we reviewed can actually make a significant impact on a slow computer’s performance, we tested each one on a seven-year-old, extremely slow computer. We started by using performance benchmarking software to measure the computer’s baseline performance. We then created a restore point, installed the registry repair software and fixed the registry. After optimizing the system, we ran the performance benchmarking software again to see what improvements were made. With Registry Reviver, the overall improvement was too insignificant to be noticeable without the aid of benchmarking software.

Registry Reviver found 5,926 problems with our test computer’s registry database, which was the second highest number of errors found by any of the registry optimizing software we evaluated. After fixing all of the errors, the computer’s performance improved by just 3.72 percent – word and data processing improved by 3.6 percent, graphics processing improved by 1.42 percent, and video chat quality improved by 0.4 percent. However, web browsing speed decreased by 1.7 percent. None of the changes were noticeable without benchmarking software.

The program received an A grade for ease of use. This isn’t unremarkable for a registry repair app, as most are designed for novice users. You can scan and fix your registry in as few as two steps. The errors are prioritized, which allows you to make contextual decisions on whether an issue needs to be fixed.

Registry Reviver has a few additional utilities. In addition to a registry defrag tool, which optimizes how the registry is organized on your hard drive, it has a startup manager. This tool deactivates startup programs so your computer doesn’t take as long to boot up. If you’re looking for a significant boost in at least one area of performance, this tool delivers – with fewer programs loading at startup, your computer boots up much faster. That said, you can achieve the same results by searching for msconfig.exe in your Windows search bar, launching the program, clicking on the Startup tab and deselecting the programs you don’t want to load at startup.


The idea of reviving a registry to boost a computer’s performance is outdated. Despite finding over 5,000 errors in our test computer, fixing these issues resulted in just a 3.72 percent improvement, which is too insignificant to be noticeable. That said, it’s a very easy app to use, which makes it a good tool for maintaining your Windows registry. Just don’t expect it to revive your slow computer.

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