Pros / It has a startup optimizer to improve boot-up speed.

Cons / After fixing the registry, the web browsing speed decreased by almost 5 percent.

 Verdict / Lavasoft’s Registry Tuner made minimal improvements to our test computer, but it’s really easy to use and can improve your computer’s boot-up speed.

Developed by Lavasoft, Registry Tuner is designed to maintain and optimize your Windows registry. The developer recommends using this app as a maintenance tool and states that, when used regularly, it can keep your computer from getting slogged down and can also speed it up without expensive hardware upgrades. However, while our tests did show that it can improve your PC’s speed, the improvement isn’t enough to be noticeable, and it comes at the expense of performance in other areas such as web browsing.

All registry repair programs claim to speed up your computer, making it like new again. We decided to test these claims on a seven-year-old computer that is incredibly slow. Before testing, we used performance benchmarking software to measure the computer’s word and data processing, graphics processing, web browsing speed, and video chat quality. We then created a restore point and installed the registry repair app. After scanning the hard drive and fixing all the errors, we ran the benchmarking software again and compared the results with the original numbers. None of the apps we tested made our test computer noticeably faster.

After scanning our test computer, Lavasoft’s Registry Tuner found just 97 registry issues, which was the fewest diagnosed errors found in our tests. Some of the apps found thousands of errors, which is to be expected after seven years of use. However, as our evaluation shows, it isn’t about the number of errors a product finds but rather the impact fixing those errors makes on your PC’s performance. Registry Tuner improved our test computer by 2.2 percent.

The 2.2 percent overall improvement is a little misleading though. Word and data processing improved by 6.9 percent, which was above average for that category. However, the web browsing speed actually slowed by 4.9 percent, which was the biggest decrease in our tests. In addition, video chat quality degraded by 0.2 percent, while graphics processing only improved by 0.4 percent. The word and data processing improvement was almost balanced out by the decrease in web browsing speed, and none of the results were significant enough to cause a noticeable change in performance. In other words, if your computer is slow, it will still be slow after using this registry optimizer.

Registry Tuner is very easy to use as are most registry repair apps. You can scan and fix the registry in as little as two mouse clicks. The interface is simple with just five tabs, making it easy to navigate. It also backs up your registry and creates a restore point so you can restore your computer if any of the registry fixes make it worse.

The best feature of the Lavasoft Registry Tuner software is the startup optimizer. This utility automatically removes startup files to improve your computer’s boot-up speed. Unlike other apps, which often require you to deselect apps from the startup menu, this one automatically chooses for you, which may be detrimental for some users. This tool can actually make a noticeable difference. Of course, you can achieve the same results by searching for the msconfig.exe in your Windows search bar and deselecting any unnecessary apps in the Startup tab.

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In our tests, Lavasoft Registry Tuner only improved our slow computer by 2.2 percent, which was too insignificant to notice without benchmarking software. The app is designed for novice users and is very easy to use. As a registry maintenance tool, it works well, and it can improve your boot-up speed.

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