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Pros / It improved our test computer’s performance more than any other software.

Cons / It has no additional utilities beyond registry repair.

 Verdict / RegistryRepairKit produced the highest overall performance improvement of the apps we tested, and that’s the most important feature of any registry repair software.

TopTenREVIEWS - Gold Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Uniblue’s RegistryCleanerKit is a very simple registry repair app designed to stabilize your computer and stop system crashes by fixing registry errors. This is one of the few registry optimizing apps that doesn’t boast of how fast it will make your computer. Instead, the software makes the more accurate claim that it stabilizes and manages your Windows registry. In our tests, it produced the highest overall performance boost on our computer. For this reason, it’s the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner for best registry repair software.


We tested each registry repair app on the same seven-year-old computer. Before we installed the apps and repaired the registry, we used benchmarking software to measure the computer’s baseline performance, which was very slow. This benchmark takes into account word and data processing performance, graphics processing performance, web browsing speed, and video chat quality. Once the baseline performance was set, we installed the registry repair app, scanned the registry and fixed all the errors it detected. We then ran the benchmarking software again to determine how the registry repair program impacted the computer.

In this test, RegistryCleanerKit found just 309 issues, which is fewer than many other programs, some of which found thousands of errors. Still, it improved computer performance more than any other repair software, providing a 7.23 percent boost. Word and data processing improved by 7.2 percent, while the graphics processing improved by 1.48 percent. However, as is the case with every product we tested, gains in one or two areas generally mean dips in other areas. Web browsing speed decreased by 1.2 percent, and video chat quality degraded by 0.25 percent. That said, none of the improvements or declines were significant enough to make a noticeable difference. For your computer to feel significantly faster, it needs to improve by 15 percent or more.

Convenience Features

RegistryCleanerKit received a B-plus for ease of use, which is one of the lower grades in our review. This type of software is designed for novice users, so even the more complicated apps have very small learning curves. That’s exactly the case with this program. The main reason it received a low grade is its tendency to fill the interface with ads for other Uniblue software, and it’s slightly more difficult to install than other programs. Still, this is an app a novice user can learn to use very quickly.

The program’s best convenience feature is its registry backup and restore tool. Backing up your registry is essential because it allows you to reverse any “fixes” that caused performance issues. For example, one of the products that didn’t make our lineup removed all the restore points we set up to return the registry and system setting to their original state after testing each app. Without the backup tool, we wouldn’t have been able to restore the registry and continue testing the rest of the products. In another case, the performance benchmarking software kept freezing. We determined that it was because the registry repair app had removed a registry key that was critical to the app. With the backup, we were able to restore the registry and reverse the affects.

Help & Support

Uniblue’s support is pretty standard for a software developer. If you have any problems, you’re encouraged to submit a support ticket and help will respond within a few days. You can consult the FAQs page for solutions to common problems, and you can access the user manual on the website. The only support feature that’s missing is phone support. However, you can call them for a free diagnosis of your computer. That said, you can expect this free diagnosis to be very sales motivated.


Uniblue’s RegistryCleanerKit is the best registry repair software because it improved our slow test computer more than any other app. While a 7.3 percent boost isn’t significant enough to produce noticeable results without the help of benchmarking software, it was nearly 2 percent better than the second-highest-ranked software we evaluated. It doesn’t have additional utilities, but if you’re just looking for a registry maintenance tool, this is a great option.

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