Pros / There are several different ways you can install the software.

Cons / You can only use this software to connect from one PC to another PC.

 Verdict / This is a good option for international companies since the software is available in several different languages. However, not all of the functions work as effectively as equivalent functions in comparable services.

Anyplace Control remote PC access software is a basic software application that offers secure connections between two Windows-operating computers. With interfaces in several languages and multilingual customer support, it's certainly worth checking out if you are buying for an international business.

Anyplace Control does not offer cross-platform support or offer an integrated mobile app. You can only use it to access Windows PCs. When you download the program, you can choose to run it in a number of different languages, including English, Spanish and several European languages. The file also gives you the choice of two kinds of programs – the host and admin. Each one must be properly installed on its respective computer in order for the program to operate correctly.

To add a host PC to the software, you can either send a link with the software package to the remote desktop you want to connect to or add it via the remote computer’s IP address. Anyplace Control supports computers that have changing, or non-static, IP addresses. Otherwise, you can use the partner ID of the host computer, which is randomly generated by the Anyplace Control program. While this is a great security feature, it does mean that someone needs to be at the other computer to put in the information in order to connect.

The admin dashboard is clean and easy to work with. Connecting to a remote computer is as simple as clicking on the name of the computer in your list. Grouping was also easily performed with the program's simple interface. The menu bar is icon-based, with the major commands you need, and the program features a chat tool so you can communicate with the remote computer.

When accessing a remote desktop connection, the graphics were poor in comparison to our top-rated software. We also were unable to view videos without a significant lag. However, when we transferred files, the software quickly moved documents between the computers.

While Anyplace Control offers several support options, including user guides, FAQs, forums and support tickets, you can only contact the support team from Skype during European business hours. The user guide is concise but not searchable and not as detailed as we needed for complicated tasks. There are some simple how-to videos on the website as well.

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Anyplace Control is a good program for accessing a computer remotely, offering high-speed file transfer and all the usual computer manipulations of other remote PC access programs. Its multi-lingual capability makes it a stronger choice for European companies or companies that deal with computers in other nations. However, you can only access PCs with this software.

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