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HyperSnap 8.05.01 Review

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PROS / HyperSnap 8 offers a full 20-day trial before you buy the software, allowing you to test out some of the features before making your final decision.

CONS / The program can't record videos of your screen.

 VERDICT / This screen capture software offers effective tools for capturing and editing images, but the user interface looks dated.

HyperSnap 8 is screen capture software that is simple to use and has plenty of capture and editing tools. While it isn't as smooth as the very best products on our lineup, it still offers a number of tools and resources to help you make good-looking final products. Overall, HyperSnap takes care of your screen capturing needs, albeit in a less glossy and modern looking program than the top products we reviewed.

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This screenshot software offers a full slate of capture options. You can take menu and scrolling captures, as well as snapshots of games and specific objects. These images can be captured in a variety of shapes, though there isn’t an option for polygons. The program also has a freehand capture option, so you can draw a line around an image in any free-flowing shape you may need. HyperSnap is capable of taking screenshots of a region, active window or full screen. The program cannot record video of your screen, so if you want a program to create training videos, YouTube clips or screen recordings in general, this isn’t the program for you.

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HyperSnap has an editing toolbar full of tools to enhance and alter the screenshots you capture. There are digital editing tools to add lines, arrows and text. You can also resize, flip, rotate, erase, alter colors and crop images. This screenshot software has special effect tools that shear images, make mosaics, emboss, sharpen or blur, and add shadows and frames. You can change resolutions and invert colors, as well as create halftones, grayscales, and black and white images.

HyperSnap is one of the easiest programs to install. It takes only a few moments, the installation wizard is brief and effective, and the software doesn’t try to install additional bloatware. The program’s on-screen interface appears a bit old-fashioned, but it’s effective and intuitive, so you can start editing images immediately.

With HyperSnap 8, you can save JPG image files, a popular file format for online applications. You can also create PNG files, which can be resized without losing image quality, and PDF files, which are great for capturing documents because text appears crisp. Images can be imported from cameras and scanners, should you need to use HyperSnap's editing tools to enhance them.

HyperSnap offers a full list of FAQs to help you troubleshoot and answer questions you may have. If you can't find your answer, customer support representatives are available to respond to email queries. They responded the same day to emails we sent. There are also tutorials and an online forum with questions and answers posted by users. There is no phone support.


HyperSnap is solid screen capture software that meets most needs. It's not as fancy as our top products, but it's effective when it comes to capturing images. With a number of capturing and editing tools, you can create projects like insightful papers and step-by-step training manuals. HyperSnap is a solid tool for anyone who wants efficient, easy-to-use screenshot software but isn't concerned with application aesthetics or making videos.

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