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Sync Software Review: Keep Your Data Secure and Current on All of Your Computers
Whether looking to coordinate between work and home or simply to share your data across a network, sync software securely and effectively takes the hassle out of manual data transfer.
Key Features
One-way Sync
Bidirectional Sync
File Verification
Scheduled Syncs and Backups
Encrypted Data Transfer
Transfer Browser Favorites
Email Data Sync
Publish to Websites
File Archiving
Secure Browser
Stream Media
Store Data Online
File Compression
Mirror Files
Sync Method
USB Flash Drive
External Hard Drive
Supported OS
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

Sync Software Review

Why Use Sync Software?

In our day and age most of us work on a few different computers in the course of any given week. Between a desktop PC and a laptop, many of us even have more than one computer just to ourselves. Factor in the work computer and the occasional visit to the internet caf  and the need to have access to your data across multiple computers becomes self evident. With sync software you can configure automated and secure synchronizations between the computers you use to ensure that you have access to your data whether working late at the office, using your laptop during the commute or polishing up a project on your home PC.

Standard synchronization is particularly useful for professionals and students working on a project from multiple locations. File sync software saves you the trouble of manually saving, overwriting and replacing files on different computers. File synchronization software will make sure that the most current version of a file is present on the computers you work with via external storage device, USB flash drive, a network connection or via the internet.

Anyone who has put substantial time and effort into a project only to see it deleted or corrupted knows the value of conducting regular backups. Most sync software also doubles as backup software to safeguard your data against unexpected computer crashes or corruption. Best of all, you can rest assured with the knowledge that your data is being backed up regularly without having to manually initiate a backup. Sync software includes scheduling features that automate syncs and backups so you can stay productive without worrying about your data.

What to Look for in Sync Software

Synchronization programs vary significantly from each other. Depending on whether you need to sync folders across a network, backup your data via the internet or simply want up-to-date information available on a USB flash drive, different programs will suit your needs more than others. In addition to general versatility and affordability, we ranked our top sync software according to the following criteria:

Superb programs from this category will have a feature set that will allow you to conduct one-way, bidirectional and multidirectional syncs with a minimum of hassle. We also expect to see options for regular partial and full backups. A key feature of any good synchronization program is its scheduler. With a scheduler you can automate syncs to run in real time, at end of the day, week, month or for any interval you desire.

Ease of Use
Synchronizing the data on multiple computers can be tricky to say the least. We expect programs like these to do the majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to technically advanced issues such as configuring networks, overwriting files and retrieving archives. While advanced features are useful, we ranked products with straightforward, unambiguous user interfaces higher on our site.

Synchronization Method
Sync software that takes advantage of the wide range of data transmission options available ranks higher on our site. Sync software often uses a network, the internet or any number of external storage devices to transmit and backup your data.

Support and Documentation

Software is always susceptible to technical issues, bugs or frustrating issues that require professional help. We ranked sync programs with solid support resources higher on our list. We expect good software to include thorough documentation, FAQs and online user forums.

There a lot of options when it comes to the programs in this category and your individual set of needs will determine which program is right for you. Whether you want to keep a copy of your data on your smartphone or initiate automated synchronizations via an FTP client, you ll find the sync software ideal for you on this page. You'll want to start by reading our articles related to sync software as well as reviews of our top-ranked sync programs GoodSync, SugarSync and Laplink PCsync.