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Pros / Allway Sync has an acceptable feature set to effectively sync software.

Cons / This application could have more intuitive, powerful features.

 Verdict / This application has average features and is challenging to use.

When it comes to sync software, you’re usually faced with making a decision between user-friendly software with basic functionality and more technically challenging but feature rich programs. Allway Sync more closely identifies with the second category. You don’t have to be a computer programmer to use Allway Sync, but to take full advantage of its rich feature set, you’ll want a comfort with computer jargon and the architecture of your data. Even if Allway Sync demands a bit of patience, we like the software for its failsafe mechanisms, advanced sync options and basic data backup capability. At under twenty dollars, its affordability recommends Allway Sync even more.


Like any good program, Allway Sync can operate in a number of different environments—whether you’re working on a home network, coordinating projects between your home and office computers or simply want to update files with the help of an external drive, Allway Sync can accommodate your needs. Allway Sync can be used for basic backups to an external hard drive, USB flash drive, hard drive partition or DVD disc. All you have to do is select the program’s “one-way” mode and indicate source files along with a destination folder. Multi-direction syncs take a bit more work. You’ll need to install Allway Sync on all of your machines (one license allows unlimited installs) and create a shared folder and grant access to all users on the network. In this way, it is possible for multiple users to work on the same project and keep updated files in one place.

Unlike a few other sync programs, Allway Sync does not place a size limit on files being transferred, mirrored or backed up. We also appreciate the failsafe measures Allway Sync provides. In the event that a file is corrupted, lost, accidentally overwritten or otherwise misplaced, Allway Sync archives previous versions of files for retrieval.

Ease of Use

Allway Sync is not particularly difficult to use for very basic operations like backing up your data to a hard drive. As a backup tool, we can comfortably recommend Allway Sync to novice computer users. Working over a network, FTP client or coordinating three-way synchronizations however, can be daunting. Allway Sync’s user interface is pretty straightforward, but the huge amount of options, menus and submenus add an unnecessary degree of complication to tasks like synchronizing a “My Documents” folder between two PCs.

Support and Documentation

You’ll find a fairly detailed FAQ on Allway Sync’s website that covers typical troubleshooting issues and answers basic questions regarding configuring a sync over a network or other connection. In the event that Allway Sync’s FAQs do not address your particular issue, they do provide email tech support.


Allway Sync is powered by some robust code—it is reliable, encrypts data, provides data backups, verifies data transfers and works over a network or the internet. From MP3s to documents to images, Allway Sync is also a powerful backup utility for all of your valuable data. Despite its convoluted menu trees and configuration options, we think Allway Sync is a great tool for users looking for advanced functionality that aren’t afraid to learn how to use the software.

Allway Sync Visit Site