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Pros / Beyond Sync has minimal features and customer service options.

Cons / This application needs a better synchronization method.

 Verdict / This application lacks staying power because of its lackluster features.

Beyond Syncdoesn’t boast any particularly stellar features when put up against our leading sync software picks. Beyond Sync still is, however, a fair performer with a handful of useful features ideal for basic file backup and data synchronization. More advanced operations, like scheduled, two-way syncs over a network can be clunky to execute. That being said, we liked the barebones user interface and lightning fast sync times Beyond Sync provides.


Beyond Sync is a straightforward sync utility. Simply choose the files you want to backup and click the “go” button for real time, single occurrence file synchronization. Real time synchronization is a great method to back up data on external hard drives, USB thumb drives, blank CDs or any other storage device. Beyond Sync is also a good utility for backing up, synchronizing and replacing old data via a small network. For scheduled syncs, it is possible to configure a destination, time and run the program as a Windows task.

Basic one way syncs were no problem at all using Beyond Sync. Determining how to effectively configure a bi-directional sync was, however, slightly problematic. Thanks to the side-by-side preview mode, we were able to manually select files we wanted updated in both the source and target directories. Ultimately, we did find advanced features much harder to configure on Beyond Sync than on some of our other sync software selections.

Ease of Use

Beyond Sync’s user interface is straightforward—you simply select a source and destination folder. If you select your “My Documents” folder as a source, for example, you can then nominate an external drive, location on your network or even blank CD as a destination folder. Beyond Sync executes file synchronizations very quickly. It is particularly speedy if you opt only to update files that have been modified. Like other sync software, Beyond Sync quickly scans and compares the unique code signature of every file and determines which files are different from their counterparts and need to be updated.

Support and Documentation

Beyond Sync is a thoughtfully designed program and appears run without any noticeable bugs or glitches. But, in the event of a tech support issue or unexpected problem, don’t expect optimal customer support from Fevosoft, the program’s parent company. Beyond Sync’s support documentation is sparse and the site doesn’t offer a forum or any quantity of support documentation.


For a basic, unidirectional sync, Beyond Sync does the trick well. We can easily recommend Beyond Sync for students and home users synchronizing files via USB drive, external hard drive or CD. Thanks to the program’s light weight, we think it is an ideal sync software candidate for netbook users without hefty tech specs on hand. For more advanced operations, however, Beyond Sync can be fairly confusing. Given their limited tech support, we prefer other programs for multi-machine, multidirectional, recurring syncs. 

Beyond Sync Visit Site