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Pros / ViceVerse has a good assortment of features.

Cons / This application needs a more intuitive interface.

 Verdict / This application has the features to prevail, but needs to be easier to use.

Moving individual files between computers on a thumb drive or with an FTP client is a perfectly acceptable solution for one or two documents, but when you’re consistently working on projects at multiple computers, sync software is a huge time saver. ViceVersa Pro offers file synchronization features ideal for both small networks and individuals working across multiple platforms. ViceVersa Pro’s basic features are easy to understand and its user interface makes executing basic syncs and backups comfortable for novice users.


ViceVersa Pro provides solutions for basic synchronization tasks as well as more advanced, multi-system needs. Whether you’re simply duplicating a “My Documents” folder or mirroring entire systems, ViceVersa Pro offers features to execute a solid sync with a minimum of hassle. Basic bi-directional synchronization between two computers is an absolute cinch with ViceVersa Pro. You can schedule syncs to run every five minutes, every evening or carry out on-demand synchronizations. ViceVersa Pro’s standard sync is particularly useful for keeping dynamic documents such as contact lists or sales sheets current.

We like ViceVersa Pro’s file backup features. After conducting an initial backup, ViceVersa will scan and replicate files that have changed since your last sync. In the event of a catastrophic loss of data or the misplacement of an important file, ViceVersa Pro preserves original and updated copies of backed-up data.

The most effective file synchronization strategy includes the use of regular scheduled updates carried out over a server, network or internet connection. Home users with less rigorous sync demands can reasonably rely on USB thumb drives, external hard drives or even CD copies of necessary information. ViceVersa will support advanced network-based syncs as well as more basic, on-the-fly, USB drive file transfers.

For home users with very basic synchronization needs between two or three computers, ViceVersa Plus is a scaled down version of the software that costs fifteen dollars less than Pro. But, given ViceVersa Plus’ substantially weaker feature set, we think it’s worth shelling out a few extra dollars for Pro’s bi-directional synchronization, encryption and file compression.

Ease of Use

Even for computer novices, ViceVersa’s basic features are easy to use. A simple backup and replication can be carried out by simply selecting a source file directory and indicating a target file destination.

More advanced features, like scheduling a multi-directory, partial sync over a network, will require a bit of work, but we found answers to questions we had in ViceVersa’s support documentation and online.

Support and Documentation

ViceVersa Pro includes basic user documentation as well as on-board help files. ViceVersa’s online community isn’t very active, but we found the extant FAQs, user guides and step-by-step tutorials to be adequately informative and easy to understand.


Working professionals, students and home users can streamline the process of working on multiple computers with ViceVersa Pro. Moreover, projects with multiple contributors can be managed and updated automatically with one of ViceVersa Pro’s handful of synchronization configurations. Given ViceVersa Pro’s straightforward user interface and consistent functionality, we can recommend the software to our readers. 

ViceVersa Pro Visit Site