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Pros / The file and folder tools category contains tools to remove duplicate files and a file shredder.

Cons / The software is supported by ads. This means that Advanced Uninstaller PRO will try to install additional programs it doesn't need when you load it onto your hard drive.

 Verdict / This is a capable uninstall tool. The file scrubber on this piece of software effectively removes anything you want so that no one else can recover it.

If you are looking to optimize your computer by removing junk files and bloatware, Advanced Uninstaller PRO is a powerful tool to accomplish these tasks. The uninstaller tool removes duplicate files. The software features a file shredder and removes cookies and add-ons installed by internet browsers. The interface has large icons and is simple to navigate. We should mention that this product is ad-supported, so Advanced Uninstaller PRO offers unnecessary third-party components.

The general tools section of Advanced PRO holds all the necessary tools for system optimization. A standard program uninstaller resides in this list. This launches a list of applications on your computer, on which you can click the box next to any unwanted elements to uninstall them. An Installation Monitor watches all software and applications you install on your hard drive. There is also a Start Menu Cleaner, which is something we haven't seen with other uninstall tools. This tool tackles unwanted programs in the Windows Start list and uses a wizard to remove any broken shortcuts.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO includes Windows services such as disk cleanup, disk defragmentation and uninstall Control Panel items. This removal tool includes a font manager to clean up fonts you don't recognize or don't use. The uninstaller will also search for duplicated files that can sometimes be saved several times in different folders on your computer. A simple scan will search for zero-sized files and empty folders too.

For those of you who want to prevent anyone from recovering your deleted files, the File Shredder does just that. This service prevents file recovery by safely overwriting the items you wish to delete multiple times with random data, and then deleting them. Not even an IT professional would be able to recover these files.

Advanced PRO includes registry tools to help optimize the system. Many people don't get around to defragmenting their computer's registry. Advanced PRO scans the registry and once it finishes, you can click to have it back up or restore any of your work.

Innovative Solutions has a variety of information on its website regarding Advanced Uninstaller PRO. There are several manuals you can download that instruct you on how to use the program. The FAQs section lacks quite a bit, but many people use the forum to ask questions and communicate with one another, as well as with Innovative Solutions. On the company's website, you will find current and soon-to-come software updates and information on the applications to look for when you are removing files from your computer.

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Whether your computer is new or old, Advanced Uninstaller PRO works to help optimize your system's performance. It can remove all the add-ons from internet browsers, the additional trial-offer software you get with a new computer, and duplicated files and folders. Additionally, this uninstall software creates backup and restore points for backing up your files and information.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO Visit Site